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The Perfect Host

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Numerous once-thriving retail establishments and service organizations operating out of brick and mortar buildings have closed their doors or seriously downsized.  The handwriting is on the wall: businesses desiring to remain “in the black” must capitalize upon the Internet to generate business and decrease overhead (rent, utilities, and other costs) associated with physical locations.


Proactive business owners understand that they must design a website that will promote the value of their products and services.  But that is just the first step.  The selection of a website hosting service is the next step, and a most critical one.  Services of this nature must maximize traffic by providing secure and expedient connections to the websites, thus allowing potential customers to transact business quickly and efficiently.


The downside of web hosts is that they can be expensive.  To the rescue come webhostinggeeks.com!


Since 2004, this site has provided an easily digestible comparison of the ten most cost-effective website hosting services available, all billing at under $10 per month.   Through inclusive reviews of the web hosts, the geeks view pricing as part of the overall equation.  Reliability of service, disk space, costs of securing a domain name (free, via each of the Top Ten listed), uptime, ease of usability, key features, bonus features, quality of technical support (customer service), money back guarantees, and the perceptions of actual customers bonus features all figure into their wide-ranging reviews.


The hosts surveyed include those servicing multiple domains and offering VPS and dedicated web hosting services.


Other criteria reviewed by the geeks include hosts that have captured awards captured in specific categories. These include and are not means limited to “Best Budget”, “Best Blog,” “Best Forum”, “Best Email”, and “Best Ecommerce.”  And, there is more!


For those concerned about our ecological footprint, for example, the geeks also provide information on Green Web Hosting.  These services minimize impact upon the environment through the use of alternative/renewable energy, the recycling of waste, planting of trees, and other environmentally sound practices.


A visit to the geeks’ site will furnish you with even more data.  Clearly, webhostinggeeks has everything you need to make an informed decision regarding the service that best suits your needs. 


Finding the Right Web Host for Your Business

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In this economy, how does a business expand its customer base, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce operating costs?  Fledging or well-established, savvy business owners begin by creating an online presence.  Designing a website, however, is only the first step.  To properly manage online traffic once it is generated and not lose potential business, entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike must select a web hosting service optimally positioned to meet their immediate and growing demands.

With WebHostRating, the selection is both simplified and trustworthy.  Since 2002, the site has researched, evaluated, and published data concerning the top-rated web hosts, including honest reviews by those who have utilized the hosting services.  Relevant information includes and is not limited to capacities for space and traffic, availability and quality of technical support, money-back guarantees, special features such as free Domain name establishment and set-up, and of course, rates.

All of the listed services are certified web host providers: a distinction indicating that experienced webmasters have determined the quality of their services to be second to none.  However, the site makes further distinctions and honors those hosts deemed to be outstanding service providers.  A review of the site’s award winning web hosts enables those seeking such services to identify the best hosts for bloggers, resellers, email services, owners of multiple Domains, and much more.

Get the relevant information you need to improve your revenue stream.  Go straight to WebHostRating; it’s fast, easy, and most of all, reliable. 

Web Hosting: A Critical Component in Online Success

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With competition stiffer then ever, the Internet is a fantastic resource for attracting new business and bringing existing customers back for more.  If you represent a company, or if you are a budding blogger, venturing into the ‘net for the first time, establishing a professional online presence can be daunting.   Once your attractive, user-friendly website is developed, the issue of web hosting is critical.

Choose the wrong provider and you can pay too much: more than the service is worth for your specific needs.  Choose the wrong provider and the host’s server(s) may not be able to handle all the traffic that your site will generate: a situation that will translate immediately into lost revenues.  To select a website hosting service with the technology, IT professionals, and proven experience to manage your needs, peruse the reviews and insightful information provided by WEBHOSTINGFAN.

Using WEBHOSTINGFAN, you can conduct an in-depth evaluation of your individual requirements and match them with a provider that will optimize your needs.  For those seeking ecommerce solutions, considerations include but are not limited to the installation and management of the most appropriate shopping cart software.  This essential software has two faces.  The front-end application is what your customers see and utilize in order to choose and purchase your goods. The back end application allows you, the site owner, to update your inventory and price points as well as provide customers with discount coupons or other special promotions as enticements to purchasing.

Because the front-end, or storefront app transmits data linked to your customers’ credit cards, the issue of security is imperative. WEBHOSTINGFAN only rates those providers offering the highest levels of services and the most rigorous risk reduction (anti-ID theft) features.

Visit WEBHOSTINGFAN to find and capitalize upon the website hosting provider that can best assist you in elevating your sales, increasing your pageviews, and protecting your customers. 

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