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Do You Dare?

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What was the most daring thing that you ever did?

If you’re asking me the same question, y’all will die wondering.  🙂

While I won’t reveal just what those feats entailed (yup; there were multiples), I’ll give you this much.

Once, while very young, I volunteered to deliver a fresh tuxedo to a frantic groom, a groom who’d spilled wine all over his wedding finery at the start of the reception.  This would not have been so daring had I not had to deliver the tux on a motorcycle, clear across town, and had it not been my maiden voyage on a hog.  Of necessity, I held tight to the driver with one hand while the other kept the tux out of harm’s way: the street and the wheels of the chopper.  The fact that the driver was hefty and I was tiny made it all the scarier, for I never got more than a tenuous grip upon him as we rode the pot-holed city streets like a cowboy on a bucking bronco.  Unheard over the thundering hog, I begged God and His Mother for a speedy end to the trip — but not too speedy!  And the minute I alighted, I wanted more.  🙂

As an adult, I once jumped into a car with a woman I’d never met face to face, to take a thirty-two hour round trip drive to Music City for, yes, the music.  A near week’s worth of music, in fact.  While we both prayed that the other was not an axe murderer, our families were making plans to call the men with the white coats and the butterfly nets.  But my new friend and I were too fast for them!   That amazing, uplifting trip was the start of a beautiful friendship, and other positive relationships, that still endure.

What was the most daring that you’ve ever done?   Share.  You can be braver than I am.  My real name is on this article, whereas you can be assured anonymity with an Internet screen name.  But, you must be honest.  Come on.  I dare you!  🙂 

Wii Dare: The Orgy in a Video Game Cartridge

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If there was any doubt that mankind is plunging to new depths and that the end of this world is imminent, it comes in the form of a new game for the popular Nintendo platform Wii.  Ubisoft’s We Dare, currently targeting a European audience, is a multi-player, highly sexually-charged game that is a veritable orgy in a game cartridge.

Described by its creators as “a sexy, quirky party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges,” the trailer promoting the game (see below) features girl-on-girl kissing, partner swapping, strip-teasing, and spanking.  One only wonders what are the other of the “variety” of challenges that the game has in store for its participants?

Amazingly enough, the game has only been given a “12+” rating, meaning that it is considered suitable for children 12 years and older.  If you are a parent of a 12 year old or a teenager, view the trailer for the game and answer one simple question: would you consider this game suitable for your son or daughter?

If your response is “yes” (and, for that matter, even if not), then prepare for imminent destruction.



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