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Have you ever heard of someone with a photographic memory?

Isn’t much of what we commonly refer to as memory, photographic in nature?

While memories often rely on information derived from all of our senses, the most common memories contain a good deal of imagery.  That’s one of the reasons why over the last two centuries photographs and their progeny, videos, have become cherished heirlooms in many families and why major events in the lives of most people are captured for posterity by the camera.

An old photograph can stimulate memories and provide a nostalgic journey to even the most unsentimental of viewers.  And so, in that spirit, discover what memories are invoked by viewing the following pictures written about in my own stream of consciousness fashion.

Before these three lads became Beatles, they were Quarrymen.  John, the band’s founder and oldest member, thought George Harrison was too young to be a member, but – at the insistence of Paul – let him join.


A number of years later, George married model and photographer, Pattie Boyd.

However, Boyd became enamored of fellow musician and Brit, Eric Clapton whom she later married and subsequently divorced following his affair with Italian model Lori Del Santo.  Oh, well.  She did, however, inspire the Harrison songs, Something and For You Blue,  and the Clapton hits Layla, Wonderful Tonight, and Bell Bottom Blues.

Eric certainly appears to be feeling blue in this picture with his mom.

Photos, of course, can remind us of how we once appeared.  Clothing and hair styles as well as the apparent age of a photo’s subject(s) can often provide clues as to the date – if one doesn’t already know – of a particular image. 

Consider the case of one Reginald Kenneth Dwight, better known as Elton John.  Is this picture from his Emptry Sky days?

Or, how about this photo of Angelina Jolie?  Were they attending a wedding that day or is that how they dressed strolling around town?

The daughter of actress Tippi Hedren, of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds fame, Melanie Griffith displayed her own acting chops and body at an early age.  She is pictured here with her first husband, Don Johnson.

And, is my memory failing me or wasn’t she one of the underage girls with whom acclaimed director, convicted pedophile, and international fugitive Roman Polanski had sexual relations?

Pictured with the always charming Polanski is actress Sharon Tate, who was a victim of the gruesome crime committed by the Manson Family and documented in the Vincent Bugliosi book Helter Skelter.

In photos, however, even the most perverted individuals can appear normal and even pleasant.  Consider the Manson Family.

Aren’t they a good looking group?

And, of course, who can resist an adorable baby picture?  The tot in this photo was destined for worldwide fame, or should I say infamy.

This adorable tyke was none other than Adolf Hitler.

I hope you enjoyed this pleasant stroll down memory lane.

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