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Spanking Clean for the Holidays

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The holidays are barreling down upon us like Santa and his reindeer hot on the trail of good little boys and girls.  We’re dashing not through snow but through crowded malls.  We’re trimming our trees, wrapping presents, scribbling Christmas cards, and slapping together home-baked cookies for the class Christmas party that Junior forgot to tell us about until the 11th hour.  And, we’ve invited company for the holidays!  Given our already staggering list of fun things to do, how can we possibly make the house spic n’ span before our company arrives?  Short of having a bevy of magic elves at our beck and call, we can reach out to http://www.thesteamteam.com/

For nearly 29 years, these award-winning, full service professionals have meticulously cleaned many homes as well as businesses in the Austin, Texas area.  No job is too big or too small.  Rather than use harsh chemical cleansers that can hurt our families, our pets, and the environment, the Steam Team employs pure, high-pressure steam to thoroughly and expertly clean upholstery, carpeting, Oriental rugs, natural stone and ceramic tile flooring, c ceilings, and more.  With Steam Team, stains vanish like the cookies left on Santa’s plate, leaving behind beautifully sanitary homes and offices.

Unpleasant odors, too, become a thing of the past.  The stains and scents that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you’ve tried, are quickly banished by the Steam Team.  This includes dog odor removal austin.

If your cleaning needs are more critical, the Steam Team remains your go-to source.  They counteract the damage left behind by fire and water through methods that include mold remediation.  100% Customer Satisfaction is their credo, for all of their work carries a money-back guarantee.

So, why waste your precious time scrubbing your home this holiday season when you can leave the job, with complete confidence, to these courteous, well-experienced professionals?  Contact the Steam Team today and jingle- bell your way through the holidays, laughing all the way! 

Restoring Your Home Following a Disaster

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You never know when disaster will strike.  I learned this in July of 2005, when Hurricane Dennis hit my area.  The aftermath meant more than replacing furniture and major appliances; the aftermath demanded structural restoration.

I hired a well-recommended firm to remove drywall and flooring down to the substrate and to dehumidify the affected areas of my home.  Until you experience such a disaster, this may seem radical.  In fact, it was critical.  If untreated, mold develops into a major health hazard.  I hope you never experience a flood or a fire.  But if you do, you’ll want experienced professionals to manage the restoration of your property.

For more than twenty years, the most trusted professionals in the Austin and Dallas, Texas areas have been The Steam Team.  This full-service, Austin-based firm has satisfied the needs of residential and commercial customers whose properties have been damaged by water, fire, and/or smoke.  The Steam Team is experienced, committed to delivering the highest level of quality, and possessed of professional integrity.  In fact, the company was named a finalist for the 2005 Austin Chamber of Commerce Awards for excellence in customer service. All of their services are fully and unconditionally guaranteed: your complete satisfaction is their ultimate goal.  The Team goes the extra mile by providing vital interface between their customers and the insurance carriers.

If you’ve skirted a disaster, but need your carpeting, flooring, or air ducts cleaned, the Steam Team is still your Number One go-to service.  The 100% biodegradable chemicals used by these green carpet cleaners Austin are guaranteed safe for humans, pets, and the environment.  Speaking of pets, the company is also highly skilled in removing those awful, lingering pet urine odors.  Whether your needs are drywall damage repair Austin, pet urine odor removal Austin, or just getting your home or place of business fresh and spotless, your space is too valuable to trust to anyone other than The Steam Team. 

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