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Luxurious and Affordable Bathroom Vanities

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Longing to fleeing the maddening world, we lock the doors of our bathrooms, the one room in which we will not be disturbed.  Behind closed doors, we scent our bathwater, light candles, sink to our noses in soothing bubbles, and wash away the cares of the day.

We who wish to extend the respite decorate our safe havens with furnishings that recall simpler, gentler times.  We choose antique bathroom vanities that hearken back to the days when gloves, fans, and lockets were de rigueur accessories for ladies of society, when tea was sipped with genteel friends on unhurried afternoons.

Thanks to bathroomvanitiesonly.com, we can recreate those times in the privacy of our bathrooms.  The company offers elegant, footed vanities with counter tops, sinks and optional mirrors.   Sized 26″ for a single sink to more than 60″ for double sinks and available for prompt delivery, the vanities include finishes of cherry, warm honey, antique white, and antique brown, some over distressed birch wood with veneers.  Countertops range from granite to travertine to marble, with the latter choices including Carrera.  Hailing from Italy, Carrera is the world’s finest marble. The great Michangelo insisted on nothing but Carrera marble in sculpting his masterpieces, including The David and The Pieta.

If you yearn to bring yesteryear and its refinements into your home, please visit bathroomvanities.com.  They are now offering exceptional savings on many of their beautiful and functional antique vanities. 

The Vanities of the Gods … and Goddesses

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Do you jockey for space with your spouse each morning at the bathroom vanity?  Do you wish to update and enhance the appearance of your bathroom?  Would you like to increase the value of your home?  If you replied, “Yes” to any or all of these questions, a new bathroom vanity is the answer to these problems.

With a fine and expertly crafted selection that far eclipses those offered by the Big Box home improvement stores, premiervanities.com has what you need.  More importantly, they have what you desire.  Your bathroom is a very personal place for both cleansing and relaxation; it should reflect your style and preferences.  The unique bathroom vanities from Premiere Vanities meet these needs with both single and double varieties in a wide array of materials and styles ranging from antique to traditional to contemporary.

If you are one-half of a couple, you will be delighted with the company’s unique double bath vanities online.  Single or double, the wood vanities include warm cherry, oak, and birch finishes, with a choice of marble or granite tops.  The porcelain sinks are both beautiful and extremely durable, but if your tastes run more to the modern, there are lovely vessel type sinks, and much more.  Available in a range of sizes, the beautiful vanities accommodate most bathrooms, from the modest to the spacious.  Prices vary in accordance with the size, style, and materials that you desire.

As you peruse the website, you will also find many coordinating accessories for your bathroom, including but not limited to mirrors and cabinets.

The beautification of your bathroom is the intersection between the sensual and the functional.   It is an investment that will repay itself many times over, in the pride and yes, the joy that you take in your home as well as an improvement to your residence. 

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