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UFOs Over Mars!!!

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In the more than two weeks since NASA’s Curiosity rover touched down on Mars, a number of images have puzzled scientists and others observing them – everything from potential images of shoeprints and fingers to humanoid-like beings (Martians?) and animals indigenous to the Red Planet.  Among the most compelling, however, are what appear to be UFOs in the Martian skies.


In the YouTube video below attributed to Stephen Hannard – presumably a member of the Art Directors Guild from the United Kingdom (ADGUK), filters have been applied to enhance the images of what appear to be four UFOs.  Experts viewing the NASA video from which this enhancement was produced have indicated that the apparent UFOs were nothing more than dead pixels in the rover’s charge-coupled device (CCD) camera.  Others are not so certain.  What do you think?


Perhaps, when settlers land on Mars, we’ll find our for sure.




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