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The Great Debater

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Trump Makes a Point


If you have been following the Republican debates and primary election process from the beginning, you can’t help but notice that Donald Trump has been leading virtually every poll and resonating with the American people. He has revolutionized the political process with his home style of rhetoric and unorthodox approach to political discourse. He says what he means and means what he says. His opponents and the Republican political establishment chastise him as unfit to be President of the United States. They say he lacks political know-how and Presidential stature.


To many Americans across the political spectrum, he is a breath of fresh air compared to the political geniuses that have brought our country to the brink of disaster. The two-party system has failed their obligation to the country.


America needs a strong President to restore our nation’s sovereignty and our standing in the world. It is time for a change; time for a leader with the private sector experience and track record of success to govern it like a business. Only one candidate has demonstrated these qualities. I sincerely believe that person is Donald Trump.


He has demonstrated to the Republican establishment his ability to get the job done, yet he is not winning favor with them. Their anointed one, Jeb Bush, has finally suspended his moribund campaign narrowing the race to five possible candidates – Trump and the also-rans.


Yet, the establishment and leadership within the Republican Party cannot accept the will of the people. The attacks against Donald Trump are becoming more strident and in greater rapidity. And, I and many others are becoming upset with the current attacks against Mr. Trump that are bringing political discourse in this country to the level of a cafeteria food fight.




Recently, Mitt Romney cast aspersions on the Donald suggesting that his tax returns could be a potential problem and that he needs to release them in their entirety immediately (this from a former Presidential candidate who fought feverishly against the idea of releasing his own returns four years ago and released them only after he had secured the Republican nomination). Sensing blood in the water and in desperate attempt to resuscitate their flagging campaigns, Senators Cruz and Rubio have seized upon this theme and now make the release of Trump’s returns part of their own campaign mantras. In the case of Senator Cruz, he goes one step further by equating an IRS audit with a “fraud” investigation.


These and other histrionics on the part of members of the Republican establishment and their co-conspirators in the liberal media should be a red flag to the American voters.  When all the alleged experts are against one person, he must be a significant threat to them. Donald Trump represents a new Republican Party, one more in tune with a changing and diverse electorate. And, regardless of what you hear from the broadcast media and polling that is influenced by the way questions are asked, Donald Trump is likely the strongest candidate against Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat and a nightmare to Bill and Hillary Clinton personally.


As you can see I am a “trumpeter” and firmly believe the Donald is America’s last hope. If you believe as I do, forward the link to this message to family, friends, and neighbors and join the Trump movement.


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