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Remembering the Original Meaning of Memorial Day

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After the Civil War, women in what was the Confederacy began a tradition – decorating the graves of the soldiers lost during the war.  This practice was later adopted in the North for those soldiers who had died defending the Union and was named Decoration Day.  It was subsequently renamed Memorial Day and a date established for its annual commemoration, May 30th.


Following World War I, America found many of its sons resting on foreign soil in American cemeteries that had to be maintained and managed.  In America, at Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was established to commemorate those who were known only to God.


The American Battle Monument Commission (ABMC) was established by Congress in 1923 to commemorate the service achievements and sacrifices of the US Armed Forces.  Nearly all the cemeteries and memorials at that time specifically honored those who served in World War I.  Later, those who died in service to our country in World War II and future wars would be included among those memorialized.  The ABMC would ultimately come to manage and maintain 24 overseas military cemeteries and 25 memorials, monuments, and markers.


Today, Memorial Day is celebrated by many without consideration of its true meaning – a day set aside to honor and respect the people that gave us this day with their lives.  Through an act of Congress, Memorial Day has been adulterated into a three-day holiday replete with barbecues to kick off the advent of summer and shopping mania spawned by the innumerable sales on items ranging from automobiles to mattresses in commemoration of the almighty dollar.  Once a day of solemn remembrance, Memorial Day now has to compete with the monetary madness that drives the wheels of industry.  In an attempt to preserve the true meaning of the holiday, many veterans organizations choose to observe Memorial Day a week prior to May 30th to retain the honor and respect for America’s heroes.


Sometimes, I wonder what America will be like in the future.  Special days set aside to honor God and country are being renamed and debased by people that want to replace the uniquely American way of life with their own agenda and control your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in what was once the land of the free and the home of the brave.


As you watch the video below, consider the sacrifice of the many soldiers whose resting places are depicted in its images and vow to join with those who would restore the true meaning of Memorial Day.




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