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Don’t Overspend on Black Friday! Tips To Spend Less

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Last year, more people shopped in store and online on Black Friday weekend, hitting an unprecedented $59.1 billion in sales, CNN Money reports.  With Black Friday just around the corner, many consumers look forward to some post-Thanksgiving shopping as well as the opportunity to enjoy great bargains.  To make the most of the holiday discounts, consider the following tips that can help you not only survive the adventure, but come out ahead of the game:


Avoid impulse buying


Planning ahead is essential to saving money on Black Friday.  Don’t leave home without your shopping list.  In fact, assuming that you’ll find great deals everywhere you look is a common misconception, according to USNews.com.  A list will help you stay focused and decrease the temptation to buy something just because it’s on sale.


Create a strategy by comparing Black Friday sales, researching what each retailer has to offer.  You’ll find a number of free apps available to help you, such as TGI Black Friday, which sorts deals by products as well as stores, and even allows you to create a personalized shopping list.


By subscribing to a retailer’s email list or visiting its website, you can determine if the store is worth visiting in person and compare prices for specific items.


Search for coupons


A good coupon, from retailers like JCPenney and others, can help you reap some significant savings on shipping and in-store items.  Thoroughly peruse your local Thanksgiving Day paper, as well as the previous Sunday newspaper for coupons.  Most will be stuffed, just like your holiday turkey, with advertisements and coupons that can be a great way to save on Black Friday.  Keep an eye out for special discounts, such as an extra percentage off for shopping at certain times, which can also help you organize your shopping schedule.


Don’t forget that many online and brick-and-mortar stores offer coupons via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Use cash


One of the best ways to save money, prevent impulse buying and overspending is to set a budget and stick to it.  With the lure of bargains and bright lights, it’s difficult for many shoppers to resist spending too much.  Instead of using credits cards or a debit card, bring cash, which makes it impossible to go over your planned budget.


Shop early


The best bargains are generally found early in the day. Unfortunately, with retailers opening earlier and earlier, this means you’ll probably have to head out the door well before the sun comes up.  But if you do so, you’ll be able to enjoy the widest selections and the best chance for significant discounts.  To find out store hours, blackfriday.fm has an extensive list of Black Friday store hours for many major retailers.


Get as much sleep you can the night before by going to bed early — a well-rested shopper is a smarter shopper.  If you plan to shop all day, be sure to take occasional breaks to avoid exhaustion.


Bring snacks to prevent bad decisions


If you go without eating for too long, you could end up light-headed and vulnerable to poor decision making.  You’ll need a lot of energy to battle through crowds, possibly walk long distances and wait in long lines.  Pack snack foods that will keep your energy levels up and your head clear.  Granola bars or a Ziploc bag filled with almonds and raisins can be a life saver when you don’t have time to sit down for a meal.



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