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The Uninvited

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As the old adage states “seeing is believing.”  But, is it possible that we cannot always believe that which we see?  On October 13, 1917 in a field in an area of Fatima, Portugal called Cova da Iria, a crowd reported by accounts of the time at anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 people witnessed what would be officially accepted thirteen years later as a miracle by the Roman Catholic Church.  The “Miracle of the Sun,” as it has become known was described by witnesses as the sun “dancing” or “trembling” in the sky.  Yet, while many people did “see” this event, some observed nothing out of the ordinary.


Recently, an event occurred in my own home that had me questioning whether or not I could “believe” that which I saw.  My wife, having passed away early this past summer, I now reside alone – unless, of course, you count my faithful canine companion Rocco.  One evening last week, as I sat in my living room watching a movie on television, my attention was turned toward the spinet piano on the far wall of the room.  To my surprise, standing next to the piano was a young girl who appeared to be about eight years of age.  With sandy brown hair and wearing a skirt, she stood silent and motionless.  I spoke to her, and she turned and smiled at me.  Thinking that someone had entered the house, I turned my gaze to the front door, but it was shut tightly and bolted.  Turning back, my uninvited visitor was gone.


It is believed by some that houses and objects can retain the vibrations of those who have left this plane of existence.  I am the third owner of this sixty-something year old home and know that no young girl ever resided here.  Yet, the piano that I bought at the behest of my wife was not new at the time of purchase.  Could the girl that I saw be the spirit of someone who played and loved that piano sometime in the distant past?  And, if so, why has this spirit been made manifest at this time?


Perhaps, the explanation lies in the changes that have occurred since my wife’s passing.  In an effort to remove the clutter and refresh my living space, my youngest son has taken it upon himself to redo the interior of my house one room at a time.  In conjunction with this project and since I do not play the piano, I had made the decision to part with it.  Yet, when my son and two helpers attempted to move it, they could not.  Did disturbing the piano provoke the young girl’s appearance?


At this point, perhaps you’re thinking that I’m going off the deep end – that I simply imagined it or was dozing on the couch and concocted the image in that twilight reality between sleep and wakefulness.  And, you may be right.  Yet, like the faithful tens of thousands who witnessed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, I firmly believe that the spirit I saw was real.


And, should she return, I plan to investigate her story and what lies beyond.    If I do, you’ll be reading it right here on Write On New Jersey.



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