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Case Closed!

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In the war on terrorism, our enemies have defined us as “The Great Satan,” an epithet suggestive of religious connotations vis a vis our way of life.  As with most things in this increasingly global, so-called politically correct society, we now find ourselves in a war of words that allegedly helps us discern our friends from our enemies.  It’s time we volley some truth back to our detractors, including those deranged imbeciles seeking to blow up our aircraft and murder innocent people over our very heads.


For years “The Voice of America” has extolled, to the rest of the world, the benefits of living in a free country.  But the U.S. never does anything by halves.  Our nation was not founded upon, nor did it progress via, rhetoric.  Ideology put into action is what drives us.  In natural disasters around the globe, for example, what one single country has emerged unfailingly to send aid in astronomical amounts to the nations in distress?  Was it one of the countries touting us as the Devil?  Was it Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or China?  Nope.  Guess again!  The top contributing world nations are:


  1. The United States
  2. European Union
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Japan
  5. Sweden


The top recipient countries of these funds, in 2009, were:


  1. Sudan
  2. Occupied Palestinian territory
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Pakistan
  5. Zimbabwe


To this list you may add Haiti, which has recently suffered another horrendous catastrophe, an earthquake of 6.1 on the Richter Scale.  Several years ago at Christmastime, the recipients were all of the nations affected by the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia.  In fact, in terms of dollars alone, The United States has pledged $100 million in aid to Haiti (but this was our initial assessment, so I’m sure we’ll double that).  The next closest contender was France, weighing in with $14.3 million.  To this most generous amount of money sent by America, we have also deployed 50,000 of our troops to Haiti, to restore order and assist with rescue and restoration efforts.  Now take another look at the list directly above this paragraph.  All of the recipient nations are located in the Middle East or Africa, and have received little or no help from their geographic neighbors.


What do America’s actions tell the world?  Who really is “The Great Satan” among us?  And the most pressing question of all: why on Earth are we funding our enemies?   If America were run like a business instead of a charity, these practices would be considered unproductive, at best, and clinically insane, at worst.  So — why do we practice them?


It’s time that the world wakes up and realizes who is their friend, and who is their enemy.   More importantly, it is way past time to rally around the American flag and spend taxpayers’ hard-earned funds on the citizens of The United States of America, not inimical nations whose religious nuts are trying to blow us off the face of the planet.


It’s time we asked for a little interest on our funding, and I know just how to do it, without taking the equivalent of one red American cent from other countries.  It’s time we rebuilt the American manufacturing industry that we so blithely gave away to foreigners who benefit from it.  While we’re at it, we can bring Information Technology back here also.  We should bring ’em back home.  We should create jobs for American workers to start reliving the American Dream of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” just as our forefathers intended.


If we stop being the world’s bottomless-pockets bank and non-profit organization all rolled into one, what, then, will the rest of the world call us?  Will it still refer to us as “The Great Satan” or the “The Great Savior Who Finally Woke Up?”  You know the answer to that one.  Case closed!

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