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I Love This Game!

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I love poker, and that’s an understatement.   As a game that is constantly changing, poker simply fascinates me.


Not fully acquainted with the rules of the game, the first time that I played it, I couldn’t follow every move.  However, I gained an immediate appreciation for this game of nerves and strategy.    If you yourself have never played it, try this.  Next Friday night, gather seven of your friends together, put on some good music, grab a case of beer, and sit down with a deck of cards.  Within hours, you’ll discover why millions of people are obsessed with the game that I love.


I recall the exact moment that I myself was struck, like Saul toppling from his mount in the instant of his conversion to St. Paul.   That moment came when I had missed a straight on the river and was stuck with a jack-high draw.  I then bet my first bluff ever.  The first guy folded, and the last guy in the hand quipped, “If you are betting, I know you’ve got it.”  What he meant was he was sure that I had a straight.  I didn’t, but he wasn’t willing to risk losing another cent, so he folded.  I never showed my hand but I did collect all the chips, and have been hooked since.  My initiation, which occurred seven years ago, has blossomed into my participation in more than 35,000 hands of poker, devouring several books on the subject, and hosting a game every week.  What began as a five-person, Thursday night ritual has swelled to thirty poker players.


I am not advising anyone to quit his or her job and start playing the game every day.  But, I would advise everyone to try the game once to get a bird’s eye view of the thing that brings me so much joy and so much pain all in a matter of seconds.  So, get that game together next week.  If you do, I’ll bet that more than half of your crowd will want to play again within the week.  I’m so sure of that, I’ll give you three to one odds!


In succeeding articles, I will be providing you with tips and strategies that could get you started on the right track or take your game to the next level.  Check back frequently to gain potentially profitable insights.

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