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Easing the Ache: LGMedSupply.com

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Approximately one hundred years ago, Edgar Cayce, a simple farm boy, was destined to emerge as “The Sleeping Prophet” and not so coincidentally, the father of modern holistic medicine.  Among the many non-invasive therapies Cayce had suggested were electrical stimulation as a means of inhibiting pain in and improving the functionality of one’s nerves and muscles.  Later, chiropractic medicine traded on Cayce’s recommendations.  I myself have used chiropractic as well as acupuncture and acupressure to relieve pinched nerves resulting from compressed disks in my spine, both lower and upper.

But, I’ll be honest.  I can’t always get to the chiropractor or acupuncturist as often as I’d like. Their schedules don’t always coincide with mine, but I still want a holistic means of alleviating my pain and helping to restore my body to its natural functioning. That’s why I was happy to find LGMedSupply.com on the Web.

Established in 1996, this medical supply company is a one-stop shopping source for people like me, who wish to supplement their physician-approved therapies with devices such as portable TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators.  For individuals seeking relief of muscular pain as well as improved muscle tone, there is the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator, which carries a 5-year warranty.  The warranty is indicative of the company’s commitment to quality as well as the confidentiality of its worldwide client base.  And, their products are most affordable.

To learn more, please visit LGMedSupply online. Or, click their online customer blog to engage in a cyber dialogue with a knowledgeable customer service representative dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

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