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Going to the Super Bowl

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2012 began as did most years during the course of my life – with hopes that the new year would be a better year than its predecessor. 2011, as had been the case with most of the years in the new millennium, was not a particularly good year for me. And so, it should not have been entirely unexpected – but it was nonetheless – that as Super Bowl Sunday approached, I would find myself moving the contents of one of my offices.


Fortunately, I was able to call upon a friend who owns a trucking company to help me with this chore. So, on the Friday before the Super Bowl at the end of the business day, my friend brought one of his box trucks to the office, and we commenced removing office furnishings. As the work lagged, we called upon another mutual friend to provide assistance, which he did.


When the three of us finally finished with removal and transportation of all of the office furnishings and equipment very late that night, I offered to buy them dinner, but they declined. At the end of the following week, I called my friend and again indicated that I’d like to take them to dinner as an expression of thanks for their assistance. My friend indicated, however, that he had personally repaid our mutual friend by taking him to a football game. Of course, there was but one football game that had been played that weekend – the Super Bowl!


At that moment, I vowed to myself that, one year soon, I would attend the Super Bowl. I immediately started researching online where I might purchase super bowl tickets. Then, I found SB-Tickets.com. On SB-Tickets.com, you can purchase tickets for the upcoming game as well as book hotel reservations, party passes, and complete SB-Tickets.com packages.


I’m not certain whether or not I’ll be attending Super Bowl XLVII, but I know that, when I do attend the Super Bowl, I’ll be making my arrangements and purchasing my tickets on SB-Tickets.com.



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