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3 Tips on Growing Your Start-Up Business with a Minimal Budget

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One of the most important aspects in starting your own business is capital; and although there are many ways in which you can secure it, let’s face it, not everyone is willing to invest in something that’s not really established yet.


But thanks to technology and social media, young entrepreneurs can build their own companies with minimal capital.  The Internet makes it easier and more cost-effective for budding businessmen to reach their target market no matter what industry you want to penetrate.  Since most social media platforms are free, your biggest challenge then is making sure that your product or service is publicized across the Web.


Here are some tips on how you can rise to the top of your niche using the Internet and social media.


Become an Expert in Your Niche


In the world of digital marketing, advertising represents a mere fraction of the ways in which you can promote your product or service and frankly, it’s not always the best way to entice people to click through to your website.  Unlike traditional media, on the Web, users value content so just a simple Tweet tip or Share on your Facebook page will garner tons of traffic (and who knows, your Tweet or Share might go viral); thus making you an expert in your chosen industry.


Cultivate Your Readers to Become Customers


“Super users” are customers who already love your brand and voluntarily spread the word about your company without expecting to get paid in return.  Cultivating these “super users” should be your mindset when writing or communicating with your readers or followers because every one of them is a possible client.


Users now control your brand’s image, and you must use this to your advantage.  Choosing online brand ambassadors is cheaper than hiring a celebrity to endorse your product or service.


Make Sure that you are Visible Online


This is commonly taken for granted especially by those who do not know the ins and outs of digital marketing.  But, this is an important factor for digital marketers as well, so that local customers (those that reside within your area) can easily find you.  Go to listing sites like Yelp or make your own Google Places listing so that users will have a better idea of the physical location of your shop or office.  Just make sure that the information that you put in your listing is accurate and if possible, add your company logo or a photo to your listing.


With modern technology, a budding entrepreneur does not need to accumulate a lot of capital or rent an office space just to get a head start in building his company — all he needs are big ideas and knowing how to take advantage of available resources.


So to young entrepreneurs out there, good luck to you!



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