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Spice Things Up!

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Marco Polo risked his life, trekking more than a thousand miles through unexplored territory to procure them and bring them back to Italy.  At one point in history, some of them were so prized for their preservative qualities that most of Europe used them for money.  Down through the centuries, they have never fallen out of favor.  Cooks both novice and seasoned still cherish them for their unique flavoring properties, while the medical community has proven the value of many as cancer fighters.  What are they?  Why, they are spices, of course!

If you, too, utilize spices to impart zip and zing to your meals, you know that the flavorings ingredients must be stored properly.  To maximize their intensity for up to one full year, as recommended by culinary experts, you know that you need the proper spice rack to do the job.   At Spiceracksource.com, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Emphasizing form and function, these beautifully designed kitchen spice racks appeal to cooks of diverse tastes.  They are sturdily crafted of the finest materials, including maple, bamboo, laminated oak and walnut, metal (chrome and stainless), and plastic; all are readily available in countertop, under-the-cabinet, drawer, or wall spice rack styles.  Some of the countertop varieties come in traditional and nouveau-designed carousels.  A twelve-bottle spice rack holds enough for the beginner exploring the exotic world of dried herbs and spices, while the forty eight-bottle spice rack keeps aficionados like me happy.

Since a picture does indeed paint a thousand words, I invite you to visit the website to view the entire astounding collection of spice racks for yourself.

Shop online with confidence, knowing that the company’s representatives are courteous and customer-centric.  Know also that the company will provide a 110% money back guarantee if you can locate the same spice rack(s) elsewhere for a lower price. 

Organize Your Kitchen

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While I love to cook, I also demand order in my kitchen.  I want my implements and ingredients well organized and I want them arranged attractively.  If you’re like me, you’ll want to check out JK Adams Direct for a full line of kitchen products that deliver.  For almost 60 years, this Vermont-based company has crafted maple and cherry wood cutting boards, pot racks, spice racks, and other culinary necessities beautiful enough to display and tough enough to stand up to repeated use.

Their line of cutting boards is more extensive than any retailer’s.  Backed with a 5-year warranty and available in traditional, artisan, and whimsical styles, many JK Adams cutting boards feature extras that serious cooks appreciate.  These include pour spouts, trickle traps (to catch juices), spikes that anchor meat as it’s sliced, and bowls and brushes for marinating food.

Practitioners of the culinary arts cannot conceive of a meal bereft of herbs and spices.  JK Adams spice racks meet this need with a great assortment featuring single and multiple shelves and multi-tiered carousels.  There is also a lovely herb bowl with a mezzaluna.  The mezzaluna, a time honored, half moon-shaped implement, chops herbs without bruising them.

Whether cooking for a crowd or preparing an intimate dinner for two, a well-designed pot rack is critical.  It eliminates clutter, frees up cabinet space, and keeps pots and pans readily at hand.  In a variety of sizes and finishes, JK Adams pot racks hang from ceilings, are free standing, and mount on walls.

For the superior quality and durability of the products, the prices are excellent!  Free shipping and/or discounts are offered on some items, and products are shipped promptly.  With Christmas just around the corner, JK Adams will simplify your shopping for the cooks on your list — including yourself! 

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