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Are You for Sale?

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Hooters Girls

Prostitution is illegal in most states.  Legalities aside, it is apparent that many of us are, without actually selling our bodies on street corners, promoting or using them for personal gain, including fattening the profit margins of commerce.


While most men tend to simply turn up the charm a notch in order to get their way with women, it seems that many women curry favors through more blatant capitalization of their sexuality.  On a job interview, for example, a woman might tend to dress just a bit more provocatively if she knows that the hiring manager is male.  Maybe she’ll just button one less button on her blouse or wear a slightly shorter skirt in order to take advantage of that man because, as every woman knows, a man’s greatest weaknesses are his interest in sex and sports (well, a normal American man’s, anyway).  We are, in essence, trying to sell ourselves.  And sometimes, we are not subtle.


Certain jobs require women to dress in abbreviated outfits; management assumes that the more flesh that is visible, the larger the client base and profit margins will swell.  Witness the skimpy outfits worn by the servers in Hooters’ restaurants as well as the floor-roaming waitresses in casinos.  Profit generation is in direct proportion to the tightness and brevity of the women’s attire.  The more a man eyeballs what is out in plain sight, the longer he will spend dropping his cash by spending his time eating, drinking, and gambling in these establishments.  While predominantly male executives determine their employee’s garb, the women themselves understand the value of “come hither” outfits.  By and large, a half-way decent looking woman in a constricting outfit will garner more tips than one dressed more conservatively.   Let’s face it: men are weak.  We know this and prey upon their foibles in the name of cold hard cash.


Open a fashion magazine and you will see lots of bare or nearly-nude bodies trying to sell all sorts of products — and not all of them are skin care treatments or sun block lotions!   Look up at the billboards as you drive down the road and best of luck figuring out what the vendors are selling if the models in the ad are showing a good deal of skin.  In the afternoon, from the privacy of your home, you are bewitched into watching soap operas, drawn to the bedroom scenes acted with startling intimacy and underscored by peeks at sexy lingerie and buff bodies.  The plot of any soap opera, in fact, revolves around sex: who’s bedding whom, who is having whose baby, and who is cheating on whom, how often, when, and where.  More exciting than our own lives, these escapes from reality are dosed liberally with wanton women warring (over men) with their more mundane counterparts, and good-looking devils vying with their good-hearted but bland brothers and half-brothers (over women).


If you don’t live vicariously through the soaps, you’ll pick up a romance novel.  Come on, admit it — you know you do!  How do you choose your romances?  Are you enticed by the covers depicting sultry vixens swooning in the arms of macho, oversexed males?  In order to buy your interest and win your hard-earned bucks, the publishers’ graphic arts teams have whet your appetite with images of men with well-chiseled features pursuing well endowed women.  Sex is a powerful magnet for the illusion to begin before we have even opened the book!


Maybe it’s more personal with you.  How many times in your relationship with your significant other has sex become a bargaining chip?  With the promise of intimacy, you lure your husband into hauling out the vacuum, compacting the recyclables, or raking the leaves.  Technically, you are using yourself as a bribe.  We ladies flirt and make innuendoes, using our eyes, mouths, and bodies to promise what awaits the husband or boyfriend who pitches in around the house.  Again, we are essentially selling our sexual favors.


And advertisers are extremely cognizant of, and profitable by way of, this fact.  They target females, as we now possess greater buying power than ever before, comprising approximately 51% of the workforce.  In my opinion, women are the perfect market upon which to draw a bull’s eye because we do a lot more impulse buying than men, particularly when it comes to clothing. This all ties in with our tendency to get competitive with our own targets (men) by making ourselves more attractive to the opposite sex.  When we see an outfit on another lady who is getting more attention than we are, we just have to rush out and buy something twice as sexy, believing that we will be able to create some type of miracle whereby we nail a gorgeous young guy by using our new threads as lures.  Oh, and don’t forget the high heels!


Although women — that 51% of the workforce — have worked long and hard to rid society of the stereotype that women are just sex objects, we still continue to use our sexuality or allow it to be manipulated for a price.  The old adage, “Sex sells” is still, unfortunately, alive and well in 2009.

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