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To avoid annihilation and promulgate their controversial new religion, the early Christians went underground – often, literally.  Cognizant of the threat of persecution, and spreading truth through stealth and perseverance, The Faithful persevered to see Christianity become one of the major religions of the world.


When Clear Channel and Payola got their mitts on commercial radio, and when Auto Tuning further bastardized what was broadcast on those radio stations, good music went the way of the early Christians.  And like Christianity, it would not die.  Devotees went underground in the metaphorical sense, seeking new avenues through which to locate, enjoy, promote, and share music made in the human soul as opposed to the boardrooms.  Deus ex machina, the Internet emerged as a key resource for these quests.  The latest techno offering for music geeks – uniquely customizable, and best of all, free of charge — is deliradio.com.


The site is aptly named.  Just like sandwich selections in a deli, you choose exactly what you want.  You’ll be surprised at what you get, and how simple it is to navigate the site.  Ferreting out which artists are playing in your town, a neighboring burg, or anywhere you’re willing to travel to see them jam live?  Simply type in the name of the city and up pops a menu of all the artists scheduled to appear there.  Do you want that Reuben sandwich with the works or minus the sauerkraut?  If you want the works, click “all genres”.  If you prefer to hold the ‘kraut, the Russian dressing, or even the rye bread, click the genre or genres of music that appeal to you.


If you wish to locate your music by way of specific artists or venues, click the appropriate button to launch your search.  You’ll be happy to find the more well-known musicians and singers, both indy (independent) and signed to major labels, as well as lesser known local acts, the latter appearing in neighborhood venues for a small cover charge or even no charge.


Once located, you can sample selections of the artists’ work.  Not clips but full songs, they are arranged in album order. (Yes, album: my musical sensibilities go that far back and by now, most of us know why vinyl albums once ruled the airwaves and are making a healthy comeback).  Not every artist permits plays of all the songs listed, but there’s a good deal of free music available – and yes, you can download the app to your mobile device.  A really cool feature enables you to create your very own “radio station” by choosing music from the site and/or uploading music from other sources.  You’re the program manager and DJ here, not some on-air employee paid to rotate playlists as stale as last month’s bread.


If you’re a touring artist, you can promote your tour with dates, venues, and photos, enabling fans both new and established to purchase tickets right there on the site.


I’d asked my good friend and fellow music geek, Patricia (Tish) Pomykal, to check out deliradio.com and she went nuts, in a good way!  Initial hiccups with IE (the Internet Explorer browser) included the inability to access the full screen, but Tish soldiered on.  Here’s her take:


Tried it in Firefox and it works great!  I used the link for upcoming shows in Atlanta and there was the Jamie McLean Band. I clicked on his name, and info for the band showed up in the bottom window.  The songs play quickly. There is a share button for twitter and facebook or e-mail. There is also a link for the band profile page.  I clicked on that and there are all the upcoming concerts for the Jamie McLean Band, including the one coming up in Connecticut that Taylor Hicks is playing with him.  I clicked on that and it went straight to the ticket page … with a picture of Taylor. There are share buttons on both the band profile page and the ticket page.  What a great way to let your friends know what concerts you are attending or thinking of attending!


The player works like a popup and you can keep it playing in the background while you do other work on your computer or access other web sites in your browser.  I’m going to put in my local area and see what bands come up. I am excited to try it on my cell phone also……and it’s all free!!


[With respect to musicians using the site to promote their music and concerts] … scroll to the bottom of the page for a FAQ page. It says artists can sell their music but they need a Paypal account and they keep 100% of the profits. There is also a video about setting up a band account. There is also a statement that Deliradio will not allow a band to upload cover songs; it all has to be original music that the artist owns the rights to.  Once you read over the FAQ’s, notice at the top there is a menu for all the web site policies, all the legal stuff. 


With all of these options at deliradio.com, Tish and I will gladly place our “deli orders” for great free music, handcrafted radio stations, and concert tickets.  If you too register for the site, enjoy the tasty feast!


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