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Through a Glass, Lightly

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Several years ago, I journeyed to Hawaii with my husband for our twentieth wedding anniversary.  Although we spent every moment together, we saw two distinctly different versions of Kaui and Oahu.  I experienced the “live versions”.  My husband, however, saw most of the verdant rainforests, crystalline waterfalls, sapphire seas, and even aerial views from the lens of his camera.   He is camera nut, period.  His birthday will be here in two months, and I’d like to get him a new camera.  Knowing next to nothing about photography equipment, I turned to The source for information and vendors.  I turned to the cameras and photography Shopwiki’s Cameras and Photography Buying Guide.

My better half loves the convenience of digital technology but prefers the older cameras, which allow him to alter the environment, if you will, by changing lenses, lighting, and other features.   After some research on the comprehensive Shopwiki site, which lists 30,000 vendors as opposed to the average 1,000 listed on other shopping websites, I decided that my husband might enjoy one of the Digital SLR Cameras.  The Digital SLR’s seem to combine the latest technology with the options and advantages of the older cameras.  Shopwiki recommends the Digital SLR’s for holidays, sightseeing, and even portraits.  Since this is generally how my husband uses his cameras, and doesn’t mind packing them and their accessories in an over-the-shoulder case, I thought this the optimal choice. 

Once I had settled on this type of equipment, I really wasn’t sure which manufacturer’s products I should research.  Thankfully, Shopwiki broke it down for me into two key brands: Canon and Nikon.  Remembering the ’60s well, and having yet to be broken of my rebel streak, I immediately clicked on the link to the EOS Rebel Xti digital SLR camera.   To my surprise and delight, the first things I found were guides to understanding the whys and wherefores of these cameras.  As I have two months before my hubby’s birthday, I really appreciated that the site provides this type of material for people like me, who need guidance.  The Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xti/400 D for Dummies book appears to have been written for me!  When I went to look for the actual camera, the site gave me several options and I clicked Amazon.com, because it was the most familiar to me.

So, if you are a camera and photography enthusiast, check out the detailed buying information available on the Shopwiki site.  You won’t be disappointed.

The Long and Short of Shopping for Women’s Fashions

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In the mid-twentieth century, economists took note of a correlation between the length of women’s skirts and the economy.  They observed that when consumer confidence was high, the length of women’s skirts became shorter in proportion to the level of consumer enthusiasm.  Conversely, as women’s skirts lengthened, consumers grew fearful and the economic outlook gloomy.

Today, women’s fashion trends have become much more diverse.  The variety of sizes, styles, fabrics, patterns, and designers can be overwhelming for the shopper, as can finding the right outfit at the right price.

Fortunately, shoppers today have ShopWiki.co.uk, the online fashion shopping Mecca for today’s fashionistas.  Unlike other online shopping sites, ShopWiki does not offer merchandise from just one designer or store, or for that matter 1,000 stores.  It allows shoppers to view the entire range of product selections from more than 30,000 online venues and provides helpful fashion information.  This permits today’s fashion shopper to find the exact fashion item or accessory that she is seeking at the absolute lowest price.

And, getting the best price is even more critical in today’s uncertain economic climate.  In fact, for those of us victimized by the global economic downturn, we long for the return of the micro mini skirt and a robust economy.

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