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A Roll of the Dice, a Click of the Mouse

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When I was a child, I was taught that Limbo was the place where souls go, after they die, to await their ascension into heaven.  After the dreadful winter that we just experienced, which is still lingering, and with spring not yet here, I feel as if I’ve landed in Limbo.  I’m itching to do something fun, but the mercurial weather prompts me to stay close to home.  My favorite musicians are not yet touring, the comedy show I have tickets for is still a month away, and there’s nothing in the theaters that interests me.  So, I’ve decided to kiss my boredom goodbye, grow some new brain cells, and hopefully make a little money in the process — all by having fun!  You see, I’ve discovered a great Online Casino site: gamblecraft.com.

I don’t want to roam too far in this unpredictable weather to get to the live casinos, so Internet gambling is a perfect diversion.  As someone who considers herself a dilettante, but who has enjoyed gambling now and then at live casinos in the Northeast and abroad, I appreciate gamblecraft’s links to easy-to-comprehend tutorials.  With data concerning the mechanics and rules of roulette, video poker, and slots online, these will teach me more about how to play, including strategies for winning.

The site also offers in-depth Online Casino Reviews to help me select the Best Online Casinos for my own personal needs.  Examining the history of the top Internet casinos, the site’s wealth of information includes a full list of games played at these real money casinos, some of which number as many as 60!   Obviously, there is something for everyone at gamblecraft.com.

The site also clues me in with respect to welcome bonuses (also called signing bonuses, for registering/downloading the casino software) as well as loyalty bonuses, tournaments, and payment options.

Some online casinos also provide customer service telephone numbers for North America and all points around the globe.  Live support!  You just can’t beat that!  Well, I’m off to get started learning, playing, and with Lady Luck, winning.  Maybe I’ll meet you online at one of the casinos!

Take the Gamble!

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The Internet has made a brave new world of the one we once knew.  While it has greatly facilitated the flow and exchange of information and ushered in numerous conveniences previously unimagined, the Worldwide Web has also become a tool for the unscrupulous.  Perhaps no one knows this best than the consumers who enjoy casino games and choose to play them online.

If you number among the group who relish the thrill and convenience of online gambling, you are concerned that your personal information is secure and that the casinos with which you register abide by the highest ethics in terms of actual gaming operations and payouts.   Sensitive to these concerns, Onlinecasinospotlight.com has researched, analyzed, compiled, and presented in easily digestible form the information that you need to guide you through the vast cavern of online casinos.

Essentially, the site analyzes three major criteria: integrity/reliability, security, and customer service.  With respect to the Best 10 Online Casinos, the site has selected them for their security (the most technologically advanced encryption software ensuring the protection of your personal/financial data), their respect for customer needs (including the provision of live customer service representatives to address your questions), and their practices and ethics (as governed by the industry’s regulatory body, the Interactive Gaming Council).

Data is compiled from various sources, including the user/player community, newsletters, and unsolicited reviews. The site furnishes information concerning the specific casinos, including signing and other bonuses, payout percentages, tournaments, and speed of downloading the appropriate software applications that allow you to gamble online.

If you enjoy Roulette, the site defines the best casinos for you and also provides valuable information concerning configuration of the wheel, table layout, and betting strategies.  If online Poker is more your game, again, you’ll learn about the best poker casinos.  Neophytes will appreciate the fact that some of the casinos will allow you to play poker for free, thereby building the skills you need to be a savvy player.

In addition, the site is extremely proactive, providing visitors with the latest information via Recent Online Gambling News.  This section highlights various industry trends and developments, such as modification of gaming laws in specific nations and the emergence of new online casinos.

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