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It’s Christie!

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Chris Christie

The fat guy wins!!!


In a victory for all calorically-challenged people everywhere, New Jerseyans elected Chris Christie the 55th Governor in the State’s history.  Overcoming negative attack advertising from incumbent Governor Jon Corzine’s campaign questioning Christie’s fitness to serve on the basis of prior alleged legal and financial improprieties as well as his weight, Christie won election by 4 percentage points despite being outspent by former Wall Street executive Corzine by two or three to one (depending upon the source you consider most accurate) and in a State renowned for its well-oiled Democrat machine and influential labor unions.


Now, lest you think I am mocking the Govenor-elect, allow me to assert that I myself am a fat American.  The real point is that when an incumbent politician feels the need to sink to the level of criticizing an opponent based upon appearance, that candidate reveals himself as completely devoid of substance and accomplishment upon which to base his own candidacy.


And, I believe that the New Jersey electorate took notice and the State’s great mass of Independent, politically-moderate voters were left with a choice:  Christie, the Republican, or Daggett, the Independent.  In the final analysis, the vast majority of these swing voters cast their ballots for Christie, not – I surmise – through any particular fondness or allegiance to Christie, but rather through their collective desire to witness a change in the State’s political and economic direction.


Daggett, despite a strong showing in the Gubernatorial debates, could not overcome the skepticism of the average voter regarding the electability of independent and minor party candidates.  Viewing a vote for Daggett as a benefit to the incumbent, most of his potential supporters ultimately pulled the lever for Christie.


In the end, I believe that both Corzine and Christie were humbled by the election results.  Corzine, having lost election in a solidly-blue state, appeared bewildered by the magnitude of the defeat but nonetheless demonstrated grace in his concession speech and pledged to fully support the transition to the new Christie Administration.  Christie, greeting his supporters to the beat of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run,” seemed surprised and deeply grateful for the opportunity provided him by the electorate.


Vowing – in his victory address – to get right to “work” and “turn Trenton upside down,” Christie, no doubt, delighted his supporters and sent a shudder down the spines of the leaders of the State’s employees’ unions and the NJEA, labor organizations that vehemently opposed Christie’s election and that many have blamed for the State’s runaway spending and bloated budget.


But, to achieve anything, Christie will have to build bridges and work cooperatively with a State legislature still firmly controlled by the Democrats.  That work will certainly begin during the transition.  If, however, partisan politics rears its ugly head during the early days of this new Administration and threatens efforts to solve our State’s problems, it is incumbent upon we, the State’s citizens, to provide the political pressure to both Governor and legislature alike to assure progress toward our State living up to its moniker as the “Garden State.”

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