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Who Are the Bilderbergs?

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The Bilderberg Group or Bilderberg Conference is an annual conclave of world elites in politics, government, banking, the military, and media.  Long considered a shadow world government by conspiracy theorists, the Bilderbergs are a subject of growing interest in a society that increasingly craves secrets revealed and influenced by 24-hour per day cable news and opinion programming.  And perhaps, the general public should be concerned by a meeting of influential world elites discussing global issues impacting the lives of ordinary people under a veil of secrecy and guarded by snipers!

The original conference, from which the group was named, was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem in the Netherlands in 1954.  It was initiated by Polish politician Józef Retinger and other Western Europeans concerned with the growth of anti-American sentiment in their countries.  With the stated objective of promoting “Atlanticism” and fostering cooperation between the United States and Western European nations on political, economic, and defense issues, the first conference was deemed a success, leading to arrangement of annual conferences.

The international agreements and relationships forged at these conferences are largely a mystery to the general public and perhaps to some of the participants themselves.  As with all secret meetings of powerful individuals (think, organized crime), opportunities exist to proliferate ideas that redound to their own personal benefit.  And, the nature and stature of these participants in their own societies enhance the probability that the ideas born and nurtured at these conferences may ultimately find expression in the policies and actions of their individual country’s governments.

It has been said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Consider the list of attendees at this year’s Bilderberg Conference and ask yourself this question:  of what are these individuals capable? (See video below)


Coene, Luc, Governor, National Bank of Belgium

Davignon, Etienne, Minister of State

Leysen, Thomas, Chairman, Umicore


Fu, Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

Huang, Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University


Eldrup, Anders, CEO, DONG Energy

Federspiel, Ulrik, Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S

Schütze, Peter, Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank AB


Ackermann, Josef, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank

Enders, Thomas, CEO, Airbus SAS

Löscher, Peter, President and CEO, Siemens AG

Nass, Matthias, Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit

Steinbrück, Peer, Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of Finance


Apunen, Matti, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA

Johansson, Ole, Chairman, Confederation of the Finnish Industries EK

Ollila, Jorma, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell

Pentikäinen, Mikael, Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat


Baverez, Nicolas, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Bazire, Nicolas, Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH

Castries, Henri de, Chairman and CEO, AXA

Lévy, Maurice, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe S.A.

Montbrial, Thierry de, President, French Institute for International Relations

Roy, Olivier, Professor of Social and Political Theory, European University Institute

Great Britain

Agius, Marcus, Chairman, Barclays PLC

Flint, Douglas J., Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings

Kerr, John, Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell

Lambert, Richard, Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young

Mandelson, Peter, Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel

Micklethwait, John, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

Osborne, George, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Stewart, Rory, Member of Parliament

Taylor, J. Martin, Chairman, Syngenta International AG


David, George A., Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A.

Hardouvelis, Gikas A., Chief Economist and Head of Research, Eurobank EFG

Papaconstantinou, George, Minister of Finance

Tsoukalis, Loukas, President, ELIAMEP Grisons

International Organizations

Almunia, Joaquín, Vice President, European Commission

Daele, Frans van, Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council

Kroes, Neelie, Vice President, European Commission; Commissioner for Digital Agenda

Lamy, Pascal, Director General, World Trade Organization

Rompuy, Herman van, President, European Council

Sheeran, Josette, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme

Solana Madariaga, Javier, President, ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Trichet, Jean-Claude, President, European Central Bank

Zoellick, Robert B., President, The World Bank Group


Gallagher, Paul, Senior Counsel; Former Attorney General

McDowell, Michael, Senior Counsel, Law Library; Former Deputy Prime Minister

Sutherland, Peter D., Chairman, Goldman Sachs International


Bernabè, Franco, CEO, Telecom Italia SpA

Elkann, John, Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.

Monti, Mario, President, Univers Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Scaroni, Paolo, CEO, Eni S.p.A.

Tremonti, Giulio, Minister of Economy and Finance


Carney, Mark J., Governor, Bank of Canada

Clark, Edmund, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group

McKenna, Frank, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group

Orbinksi, James, Professor of Medicine and Political Science, University of Toronto

Prichard, J. Robert S., Chair, Torys LLP

Reisman, Heather, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. Center, Brookings Institution


Bolland, Marc J., Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc

Chavannes, Marc E., Political Columnist, NRC Handelsblad; Professor of Journalism

Halberstadt, Victor, Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings

H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands

Rosenthal, Uri, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Winter, Jaap W., Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek


Myklebust, Egil, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, sk Hydro ASA

H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

Ottersen, Ole Petter, Rector, University of Oslo

Solberg, Erna, Leader of the Conservative Party


Bronner, Oscar, CEO and Publisher, Standard Medien AG

Faymann, Werner, Federal Chancellor

Rothensteiner, Walter, Chairman of the Board, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG

Scholten, Rudolf, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG


Balsemão, Francisco Pinto, Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister

Ferreira Alves, Clara, CEO, Claref LDA; writer

Nogueira Leite, António, Member of the Board, José de Mello Investimentos, SGPS, SA


Mordashov, Alexey A., CEO, Severstal

Bildt, Carl, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Björling, Ewa, Minister for Trade

Wallenberg, Jacob, Chairman, Investor AB


Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter, Chairman, Nestlé S.A.

Groth, Hans, Senior Director, Healthcare Policy & Market Access, Oncology Business Unit, Pfizer Europe

Janom Steiner, Barbara, Head of the Department of Justice, Security and Health, Canton

Kudelski, André, Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA

Leuthard, Doris, Federal Councillor

Schmid, Martin, President, Government of the Canton Grisons

Schweiger, Rolf, Ständerat

Soiron, Rolf, Chairman of the Board, Holcim Ltd., Lonza Ltd.

Vasella, Daniel L., Chairman, Novartis AG

Witmer, Jürg, Chairman, Givaudan SA and Clariant AG


Cebrián, Juan Luis, CEO, PRISA

Cospedal, María Dolores de, Secretary General, Partido Popular

León Gross, Bernardino, Secretary General of the Spanish Presidency

Nin Génova, Juan María, President and CEO, La Caixa

H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain


Ciliv, Süreyya, CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.

Gülek Domac, Tayyibe, Former Minister of State

Koç, Mustafa V., Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.

Pekin, Sefika, Founding Partner, Pekin & Bayar Law Firm


Alexander, Keith B., Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency

Altman, Roger C., Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc.

Bezos, Jeff, Founder and CEO, Amazon.com

Collins, Timothy C., CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC

Feldstein, Martin S., George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Hoffman, Reid, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn

Hughes, Chris R., Co-founder, Facebook

Jacobs, Kenneth M., Chairman & CEO, Lazard

Johnson, James A., Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC

Jordan, Jr., Vernon E., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC

Keane, John M., Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired

Kissinger, Henry A., Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Kleinfeld, Klaus, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa

Kravis, Henry R., Co-Chairman and co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis, Roberts & Co.

Kravis, Marie-Josée, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.

Li, Cheng, Senior Fellow and Director of Research, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution

Mundie, Craig J., Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation

Orszag, Peter R., Vice Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.

Perle, Richard N., Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Rockefeller, David, Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank

Rose, Charlie, Executive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose

Rubin, Robert E., Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury

Schmidt, Eric, Executive Chairman, Google Inc.

Steinberg, James B., Deputy Secretary of State

Thiel, Peter A., President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC

Varney, Christine A., Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust

Vaupel, James W., Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Warsh, Kevin, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board

Wolfensohn, James D., Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC

Is the promulgation of war as a means of curbing over-population on this year’s Bilderberg agenda?

Have the Bilderbergs been planning and promoting a New World Order for their own gain and at your expense?

HAARP: Ionospheric Research or Weapon of Mass Destruction?

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The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are natural phenomena of great beauty.  As solar winds enter the Earth’s ionosphere and interact with our magnetic field, ionized gas particles in the sky glow in wide, multi-color bands.  As their name suggests, the Northern Lights occur mostly in the polar regions of the world, but they have also been observed in the southern region of Australia.   As lovely as the Aurora Borealis is, might there be something more sinister in the skies, particularly, in our ionosphere?  To explore that eerie and frightening possibility, one must cast an eye upon a governmental project whose acronym is HAARP.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and publicized as an exploration of our ionosphere, the acronym HAARP, signifying “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program,” has become a global endeavor.   The Office of Naval Reserves and the Air Force Research Laboratory manages the program in cooperation with a key player in the academic arena, the University of Alaska.  That university conducts its studies in concert with other notable institutions of higher learning: the University of Stanford, Penn State University, UCLA, Clemson, Cornell, John Hopkins, Maryland College Park, Massachusetts, MIT, New York Polytechnic, and Tulsa University as well as Boston and Dartmouth Colleges.

In addition to these U.S. sites, other, global locations include EISCAT, near Tromso, Norway, SIFH, Sweden, near Nizhiny, and Novgorod, Russia. 

The HAARP studies were to be accomplished via a unique antennae array system, using HF (high frequency) radio waves of 3.6 Mega watt/2.8-10 Megahertz range.  The study site in Gakona, Alaska, west of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, for example, surveys a large area of the tundra by way of 48 DP (dipole) antennae arrayed in six columns by eight rows. Transmissions were pulsed or continuous, dependent upon the type of results needed for evaluation by associated instrumentation, including VHF and UHF radar and receivers. 

The resulting data depicted basic, natural ionosphere processes that occur with solar activity as well as how radio waves impact the natural ionosphere.  Using the aforementioned antenna system array, these radio waves bombard, and create disturbances in, the ionized particles that inhabit the ionosphere.

What are the immediate and long-term affects of a disrupted ionosphere? And why disrupt it?  While you’re  pondering these issues, do you remember the Gakona, Alaska site I’d mentioned earlier?  Well, the land is owned by the United Nations.  However, the U.S. Congress funds the program.  Why?

In researching this subject, I discovered not answers, but more disturbing questions.  Jerry E. Smith, author of a 1998 publication, “The Ultimate Weapon of Conspiracy” posed many of these uncertainties.  Revealing  a virtual Pandora’s Box of conspiracies rivaling an Alfred Hitchcock whodunit, Smith’s book links ancient civilizations, lost continents, UFOs and their origin to modern weaponry to a New World Order.

In addition to Smith’s work, I discovered a volume by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, entitled, “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.”   The authors advise readers to contact their representatives in government to answer two central questions: What is the real purpose of HAARP?  And why is it sponsored by the Department of Defense and underwritten by the U.S. Congress?

While you’re awaiting those answers, contemplate this.  In various levels of the U.S. government, questions of climate control have arisen … or should I say, questions of “How do we manipulate our physical environment?”  These inquiries include means of artificially producing earthquakes as well as disturbing the Jet Stream through the use of radio waves upon the ionosphere.  At one time, our government warned us of solar radiation leaking through our protective ionosphere, allegedly because of hydrogen aerosol container products (room sprays, etc.).  Later, compressed air products replaced the aerosols.   So, who really punched the holes in the ionosphere?  Consumers uninformed by the manufacturers, or our own government?

While we are on the subject of climate control, have you noticed the increase in natural disasters around the world?  Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes did occurred years ago, but not with the frequency or force that we experience today.  Could fooling around with Mother Nature change the natural pattern of the Jet Stream that affects weather?  The silence from our government is deafening.


Sixty-seven years ago, the best-kept secret of World War II was the invention of the atomic bomb.  Code-named The Manhattan Project and classified as Top Secret, the experiments were privy to the scientific community that had developed the bomb, and a small cadre of government officials that did not include the Vice President of the United States, Harry S. Truman.  Truman had to be briefed on the A-bomb when President Roosevelt died in office.

Today, our politicians spew rhetoric about truth and transparency in government.  But what are they not revealing about the tampering of  ionosphere?  And why engage so many universities and colleges to study different aspects of the program?  This reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes mystery in which the pieces of the puzzle are meaningless until they are all assembled and analyzed.

Despite the cry for transparency from governmental officials, our citizenry is still in the dark about so many things, including the ionosphere and the New World Order.  It gives one pause for thought.  So, are we paranoid or are we proactive?  Only transparency will reveal the answer.  Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it; there are holes in that ionosphere, you know.

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