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How Mobile is Shaping the Recruitment Space

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The time of desktop and laptops is fading fast, with mobile replacing them in all forms and sizes.  Thus, any company that doesn’t use mobile for recruitment is at risk of losing out on huge talent base.  The same holds true for companies providing online or offline recruitment services.  Here we examine how mobile is changing the landscape of recruitment and the importance of mobile recruitment apps.


Let’s face it.  Most persons cannot imagine their life without a mobile phone in the current age.  There was a time when a phone served the sole purpose of calling and taking the calls of other persons.  However, the way technology has progressed in the past few decades; it is only a matter of time before the mobile has become a ubiquitous device being used for a variety of purposes, be it texting, instant messaging, watching videos, shopping, surfing the web and last but not the least, calling.  Mobile phones became what we now call them – smart phones.  The latest addition to this multi-tasking is job search.


Stat speak


Here are some eye-opening statistics about the job search trends globally:Job Hunters Using Mobile Technology


70 percent of aspirants use mobile phones for searching jobs



23 percent of the keyword searches that contain the word job originate from mobile devices


Three in five job seekers used their mobile devices to search for jobs


84 percent of recruiters believe that searching for jobs via mobile means will be the norm in the next five years


This data proves one thing more than anything:  mobile strategy is going to be of greater importance for recruiters in the years to come, which brings us to the next section, mobile apps.


Reasons to have a mobile recruitment app


A mobile app is the next generation recruitment tool.  These applications provide a cost effective and user friendly method of ensuring that job seekers get their dream employment opportunity simply by swiping through their smart phones.  The benefits of mobile app are immense.  They save time, are easy to use and promise cost savings for the recruiter as well as the job seeker (in the form of data usage).  With so many advantages to their credit, it indeed comes as a surprise that the HR industry is in its infancy in adopting mobile technology.


According to a 2013 study by an employer research firm, out of 694 employers worldwide there are only 110 with a mobile app for job seekers.  However, companies are slowly realizing that mobile revolution is imminent and staying ahead of the curve will require them to invest in building a dedicated mobile app.  The mobile app revolution is not limited to a particular country or companies.  Professional job networks like LinkedIn and online classified sites are also launching their own mobile apps.


Another reason why mobile apps work better than online sites is the deep penetration of smart phones across the world, which includes even the orthodox regions like Middle East and the gulf.  Personal computers and laptops aren’t as freely available here as mobile phones and therefore a large number of people searching for jobs in Middle East will be found using smartphone apps as an easy alternative.


Way to fully exploit the potential of a recruitment mobile app


Having a mobile strategy and investing money and time in creating a mobile app is only useful if you are able to fully exploit the potential of the mobile marketplace in the recruitment market.  Here are some ways of achieving the key goals and objectives of creating the app:


Create a great interface:  To have a successful mobile app, the rule is to invest in an excellent interface.   The interface is the first thing that a user will notice and it reflects the company’s culture and brand value.  A user-friendly interface creates a good first impression and serves as the perfect tool of positive word-of-mouth publicity. 


Streamline your app with the site:  If you already have a high-traffic site that lists job vacancies and are now thinking of moving to the mobile app platform, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your app should be consistent with your website.   All job listings, profile edits and saves, and other details should manifest themselves in a seamless manner across both the platforms.


Keep the application process fun:  Since the main motive of a mobile app is to save time and effort, the same should be kept in mind while designing the flow of application process.  The job seeker should not have any issues while applying for a new job through mobile app.  The process should be designed for minimum mental and physical efforts.


The seismic shifting of world population to mobile devices is shaping the future of many industries. Recruitment is just one of them.  Those who fail to realize this will undoubtedly cry over missed opportunities later on.


Saurabh Tyagi is an experienced author with interests in career and education.  His articles are all inclusive and contain information about various trends in the recruitment industry across different geographies such as Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America and others.


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