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Mobile Marketing: The Future is Now

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In an astounding report released earlier this year by Nielsen, the organization renowned for tracking media usage and viewing, more than 500 text messages are sent and received monthly by the average American citizen!  While this statistic might cause grief to the parents of a texting teen, savvy businesses can capitalize upon this escalating trend for purposes of mobile marketing.  If you are among the thousands, if not millions, of business owners or managers seeking to increase your revenue stream via mobile marketing strategies, your best resource for doing so is 84444.com.


By adding a brief code to your opt-in databases, you can quickly and easily create and transmit text messages to your existing clients as well as potential customers.  For as little as $79 monthly, you can take advantage of one-way or two-way broadcast and interactive messages in order to:

  • Make captive audiences out of prospective new customers who may not have heard of your company by any other means,
  • Introduce new product-service offerings in a dynamic way,
  • Announce discounted rates and/or special promotions,
  • Lure in new customers with introductory packages (e.g.., the first month of service is free, provided the client signs on for 12 months),
  • Rapidly counteract new sales-marketing strategies instituted by the competition.

For instance, you can develop a mobile campaign to distribute discount coupons and drive more business your way!  Or, create a mobile poll or contest.


With worldwide mobile advertising revenues projected to top $3.5 million this year, you’ll want your business to tap into this potentially lucrative source of revenues.  Contact 84444.com today to get started growing your business! 

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