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Replace Your Battery, Not Your Laptop

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A sad fact of life for laptop owners is that your computer’s battery grows weaker each time that you use it, whether you are operating on battery or electrical power.  Over the years, I have owned a number of different laptop brands, including HP, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo, and Apple.  And, no matter the brand name, the rechargeable batteries powering the laptop all suffer the same diminished capacity over time.


When you remove your brand new laptop from its box, you feel a sense of freedom as you can operate your computer virtually anywhere.  As your laptop ages, however, you find yourself tethered with increasing frequency to a power cord – your usage limited by the need to be in close proximity to an electrical outlet.


If you are anything like me, your laptop ultimately becomes like a desktop – always plugged into an outlet.  When you reach that stage in my case, or sooner if you have less tolerance for diminished battery life, you feel the need to replace your laptop with a new model.


While there are many conceivable reasons for purchasing a new laptop, most users replace their laptops because of battery life deficiencies.  It rarely occurs to such users that they need not replace a perfectly serviceable laptop, they need only replace its battery.


If you are searching for a replacement battery for your laptop, you could order one through its manufacturer.  A better, faster way, however, is to simply go online to batteryheads.com.  At batteryheads.com, you’ll find the exact battery to fulfill your needs at a surprisingly affordable price.  Whether you are seeking an HP Laptop Battery or a battery for your Apple, Toshiba, IBM, or other brand laptop, batteryheads.com is the only source you need consult.



Great Savings on Dell Laptop Batteries

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In this increasingly competitive world, Dell® laptop computers have become indispensable.  To a sales professional, a Dell® laptop provides the means to conduct a multimedia presentation to a prospective account, in the client’s office.  To a college student, a Dell® laptop is a portable library.  To a general construction contractor, a Dell® laptop enables recording and transmission of data right on a job site.   Clearly, the convenience of a Dell® laptop is a beautiful thing.  But like all laptops, a Dell® laptop has one disadvantage.

Unlike desktop computers, the laptops run on batteries. The more frequently you use your laptop, the more often you must replace the battery.  Replacements batteries can prove to be costly if you purchase them through OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).  However, there is a viable, less costly alternative.  Batteryheads.com is that alternative.

Their Dell laptop batteries are manufactured to the same exacting standards as their OEM counterparts – or better.  The only difference is that Batteryhead’s products are more cost-effective.  For example, their TechFuel battery, that powers up your Dell® Inspiron 13R (T510432TW) laptop, is priced as low as 45% below the OEM’s retail sticker.  And, TechFuel is rechargeable to save you even more money.   This state-of-the- art battery meets both RoHS and ISO 9001 criteria: the highest industry standards for quality and safety.  Batteryhead.com is the exclusive vendor for this Dell Laptop Battery.

So confident is Batteryhead in the quality of TechFuel, that it backs each purchase with a one-year warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.  Their customer service staff is dedicated to delivering optimum levels of service — as you’ll discover when you place your order for a superior quality product at considerable savings.

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