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An Invitation to History

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On December 7, 2010 I — a veteran of World War II — will host a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Service at the VFW Post 2445 in Maple Shade, New Jersey; the event will begin at 11:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time.  This is an open invitation to all who wish to attend: veterans, families of veterans, and students both young and old who would like to experience genuine accounts of what transpired as that fateful conflict erupted and as it waged on for four long years.

The program will begin promptly with the posting of the colors of our proud American flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sung by the Steinhauer School choir, the National Anthem will follow.

After our Anthem, the host will present a history lesson, centering upon the events that President Franklin D. Roosevelt termed, “A day that will live in infamy.”  That day was December 7, 1941.  On that fateful day, 360 Japanese aircraft took off from aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean.  They then launched a sudden but well-planned attack upon the U.S. Pacific fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, leaving most of our ships destroyed and many, many casualties. While peace negotiations were being conducted in Washington, DC, this sneak attack plunged America into World War II.

The Steinhauer School students and other attendees will then hear a recorded, unadulterated speech by President Roosevelt, as he had addressed Congress and the nation-at-large that a state of war existed between the Empire of Japan and the United States of America.

The program will then continue with oratory from a Maple Shade Township representative and others who well recall Pearl Harbor Day.  These remembrances will be followed by The Navy Hymn, including a rifle salute and Taps to honor those who had served in our armed forces, including our fallen soldiers.

The ceremony will end with the Steinhauer choir singing America the Beautiful, and will conclude with a closing speech by the host.

For the past ten years, I have conducted this ceremony in the hope that the children of Maple Shade will hear the unvarnished truth about this war as we move ever further into the world of “political correctness.”

History is our legacy from the past.  It has shaped the society that we have become today, and the tenets that we pass on to future generations.  America’s culture and history are both irreplaceable sources of inspiration and indeed, life.  Remembrance is a good thing, for sacrifice without remembrance is meaningless.

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