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Did Lyndon Johnson Order JFK’s Assassination?

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Conspiracy theorists will once again have a field day with President John F. Kennedy’s assassination as ABC Television plans to air audio tapes purportedly of private interviews with JFK’s wife Jackie in the month’s following his killing.  Oliver Stone has undoubtedly rejoiced at the news.

According to a number of foreign press sources, the tapes – recorded by leading historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. within months of the November 22, 1963 assassination and sealed in a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston – indicate that Jackie firmly believed that then Vice President Lyndon Johnson and a group of Southern businessmen were behind her husband’s assassination and that gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, proclaimed by the Warren Commission and the mainstream media as the lone perpetrator, was played as a patsy in the coverup of this massive conspiracy that was portrayed in Stone’s JFK as a “coup d’etat with Vice President Lyndon Johnson waiting in the wings.”

Although Jackie had wanted the tapes sealed for fifty years after her death, her daughter Caroline has consented to their release to ABC where the explosive allegations will be revealed in a two-hour special report.

Get your copy of the Zapruder film ready as America and the world will yet again revisit the events surrounding the JFK assassination and perhaps, Oliver Stone will begin work  on JFK II.  For those of you who do not have a copy of the film, I have added a version with added audio track below.


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