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The Boston Massacre: What the Public and our Government Refuse to Admit

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Now that the dust has settled on the events of Monday past, as we bury our dead and heal our wounded, this fact remains:  America is at war with Islamic terrorists that continue to chant “Death to America” and seek opportunities to kill innocent Americans and disrupt our way of life.


Evidently, this reality has failed to sink into the consciousness of most Americans, many in our government included.  Lighting candles, holding prayerful vigils, and memorializing the site with flowers and stuffed animals is sending the wrong message to the person or persons that perpetrated this heinous act.


In the Hollywood movie, The Searchers, at the desert funeral ceremony of his family massacred by Comanche Indians, John Wayne portraying Ethan Edwards states vehemently “Put an amen to it.  There’s no more time for praying.”  Contemptuous of the customs practiced by society, the Duke is more interested in vengeance than ritual.


This is the response needed to avenge and declare to our enemies that their nefarious deeds will not go unpunished.  We can no longer turn the other cheek when slapped in the face with reality.


Our government should retaliate with swift, decisive action against those who would harm Americans and jeopardize the freedoms that we hold so dear.  It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to identify, in the use of an improvised explosive device (IED), the trademark of our enemies – radical Islam.  We have been slapped in the face at Benghazi and now in Boston, USA, and it’s time to slap back.


No doubt, this action will lead to calls for enhanced security at sporting events, parades, and other public events.  But, at what cost?  If the actions of our enemies force us to submit to invasions of our collective privacy, then we will have traded our freedoms for security and our  enemies will have won.


Rather than burden American citizens, we should place the onus on those who would enter our country.  Background checks should be mandated for any person or persons who wish to enter our country – regardless of his or her status.  Legal immigration should be limited to those who can make a significant contribution to our nation, and our borders should be closed to those seeking to enter illegally.  And, illegal aliens should be returned to their countries of origin; thereby, solving one of the national problems we have today.


For all American citizens, it’s time to rally round the flag in an effort to preserve our way of life.   With so much anti-American sentiment in the world today, it may be time to consider a new isolationism that will both protect our citizens from harm and restore American work to American workers.


It is time for America to heed the motto of Teddy Roosevelt when he stated “speak softly and carry a big stick.”  These are the facts, and they are not subject to dispute by any reasonable person.  Now, we as Americans must affirm our resolve to defend the “grand experiment” that is America, the “shining city on a hill.”



America’s Exit Strategy

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As I listen to the nightly news, I note that the phrase “Exit Strategy” is becoming more commonplace.  Should we take this to mean that our leaders want to exit from something, perhaps our current economic woes?

The emergence of the latest unrest in the Middle East must have generated new ideas for America’s global future.  The saying, “What comes around, goes around” could be paraphrased as, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Remember the fate of the Roman and British Empires.  They conquered much of the world and, for a time, ruled it.  But   where are those empires now?

After two World Wars and the invention and use of the atomic bomb, America rose to the position as the world’s leading power.  With that power came the responsibility to maintain global order, a responsibility that comes with a heavy price.  Freedom is indeed costly, but as Dirty Harry would say, “A man must know his limitations.”  After World War II, America took on the job of rebuilding the world without recompense.  Why?  I always thought that the entire world accepts the concept of the victor getting the spoils.

Our Allies all got a piece of Berlin; Russia acquired other countries.  But, under the Marshall Plan, America took nothing.  Instead, we paid to rebuild Europe in the wake of the wars’ destruction.  Why didn’t our political leaders claim the oil-rich countries of the Middle East as a token of war?  That strategy alone would have saved the American people from importing foreign oil and paying through the nose for it.  Where did we go wrong?

Without blinking an eye, any other opportunistic nation would have seized the moment as the Japanese surrendered.  Do you think that if we had lost the war, our conquerors would have treated America as well as we treated our enemies?

Wake up, America!   How long must we act as the father to the world without recognition?  Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers said, “Neither a fortress nor a maidenhead will hold once the parley begins.” Thanks to American diplomacy, truer words have never been spoken.

The exit strategy needed now is this.  Forget the global economy and global warming.  Let us become a nation unto ourselves.  Let us rebuild America, buy American-made products, and deal with the rest of the world in a business-like manner. I sincerely hope that the new (Tea Party) members in Washington, DC do just that. I pray that they will begin to treat the American people better than the legislators that they have replaced.

Isolationism: The Ism for Me

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Isolated Island

In America, we practice capitalism, the economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit.  Other countries follow socialism. Under this system (I understand this is a gross oversimplification), all members of a society share in the work, products, and earnings.


One difference between our nation and others is our Constitution drafted by our forefathers, guaranteeing our citizens unalienable rights.  Chief among these is, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  In a capitalist society, this may be interpreted to mean that there are no limits to what one may achieve, within the boundaries of the law.


Under capitalism, America became the world’s most prosperous country; yet, with socialist tendencies.  For example, after America emerged victorious from World War II, the U.S. did not seize lands or wealth from the defeated nations of Europe.  Instead, it rebuilt Europe, “sharing the wealth” so that The Continent could become a viable member of the global community.  Sixty-four years after World War II ended, America finds herself on a changing course.  The new administration has browbeaten us with promises of “Change. “  By aiming to redistribute wealth to all, including the indigent and illegal aliens, America is becoming more socialist with each Presidential edict.


When the dust settles, will American stand on the side of capitalism or socialism?   If this question makes your head spin, may I offer an alternative?   I suggest that we adopt isolationism, a system that trucks not in foreign affairs.


Under isolationism, we can lose the United Nations, now camped cozily in The Big Apple and enjoying splendid perks at the expense of our taxpayers.   The money saved in booting the U.N. can begin to furnish hard-working Americans with a national healthcare plan (another bow to socialism).  As isolationists, we would stop sending money to foreign nations in order to secure their friendship.   We would cease pulling foreign chestnuts out of fires and allow other countries to solve their own problems (my, what a refreshing change).   By closing our borders and circling our wagons, we would halt outsourcing of manufacturing and restore this industry to its former, U.S. glory.   Thus, we would create jobs and make a major dent in the unemployment rate.  


With its abundance of natural resources and advanced technology, our nation can afford to be aloof, especially at this juncture in history.  We have always been a nation of consumers seeking the best for our families and ourselves.  An isolationist government would enable us to return to capitalism while still providing socialist programs for our people.  With the best of both worlds, how can we go wrong?

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