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Borderline Disaster – Illegal Immigration Chaos at the Gates

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It’s time to stop with race politics and see the illegal immigration situation for what it is, and that is anarchy.  It wouldn’t matter if illegals coming into the United States from our southern border were Hispanic, Asian, European, or African, what does matter is that these people are coming here illegally, and it has to stop before it’s too late.


For those who aren’t familiar with our immigration policy, anyone born in America, be it to parents who are legal citizens or illegal aliens, is considered a United States citizen.  When that child is born in America, the parents of that child have a much better chance of staying in the country then they would if they didn’t have a child in this country.  As ridiculous as that law is, the United States is now permitting children and their parents coming across the border to stay for a period of time.  Often, once they are processed, there is little way of tracking them.


Fox News is reporting that many coming across the border right now are trying to get caught.  That’s right, they are intentionally turning themselves in to border patrol agents when they cross the border.  Many of them are children or pregnant woman.  Why would someone do this?  The answer is simple, because they are taking advantage of United States citizen’s sympathy and compassion and are aware that we will take care of them with entitlements and possibly make them citizens.  And, that doesn’t even include the criminals and gang members we are letting in by the dozens as we refuse to lock down our borders.


What do we think would happen if any of us tried to go to Mexico and get entitlements such as welfare and food stamps?  I’ve never illegally entered Mexico so I can’t state with any certainty what would happen.  But, I doubt any of us would be given food and water, have our kids taken care of, and be transported by bus to family members.


This has nothing to do with race.  I wouldn’t care what the color of the people crossing our borders was.  Point of fact, the only illegal immigrant I’ve ever known in my life was from Portugal, and while I respected him as a person, I wasn’t any happier about him being in this country illegally then any of those I don’t know coming across the border right now.


I tend to believe that not wanting pregnant woman crossing a river deep in the south in the blazing heat of late spring and early summer is actually a compassionate stance.  I believe that not using children to further their parent’s agenda is very sympathetic.


There are no positives to illegal immigration, no matter what anyone says.  Many humans are smuggled into this country from around the world and not just our southern border.  Many are trafficked for sexual or slave reasons.  Many die in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.  Those who do make it into the country only take jobs from American citizens and often work for less than market rates, contributing to driving down wages.  If you don’t believe me, then why would business owners hire illegal immigrants?


It’s time to build a fence and lock down our borders.  This is the only way to get control of the illegal immigration mess, even if it isn’t foolproof.  This country has enough problems as it is, we don’t need to import anymore.



Immigration Reform: A Distraction from Our Real Problem

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Of all the problems facing our Congress and our nation, the most important – in the humble estimation of this author – is putting America back to work.  Since the Great Recession of 2008, unemployment levels have remained at approximately 8%, persistent unemployment hovers closer to 20%, and full employment has vanished from our landscape.


With a problem of such enormity and of such significance to the average working American, one wonders how our President and Congressional leaders can have time to consider any other issues.  Yet, it appears that unemployment is far from a priority for our governmental officials.  In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, gun control has – yet again – surfaced as a primary issue.  And, of course, gay marriage always seems to be a hot topic among lawmakers, both Federal and state.  As of this writing, however, the prime issue of the day appears to be immigration reform.


Yet, controlling guns, recognizing gay and lesbian marriage, and granting another amnesty (we had immigration reform in the 1980’s) to those in this country illegally, will not restore our economy or put a single American citizen back to work.  These issues are largely a distraction to government leaders and a waste of time to the American people, who – if I am any representation – are fuming that our legislators have yet again turned their collective backs on our country’s most pressing need.


While I do not believe that it is the government’s responsibility to create jobs, I do believe that addressing the proliferation of economic globalism and creation of an environment conducive to job growth are legitimate concerns of our leaders.  Yet, as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the branches of our Federal government seem more concerned with dealing with peripheral issues while our economy stagnates and we slip and slide toward what seems an inevitable national financial demise.


Instead of working with private industry to stop the exportation of American jobs to foreign lands and identifying how government can partner with businesses to create opportunities for American workers, our President and Congressional leaders seem content to officially recognize Gomer Pyle’s (Jim Nabors’) marriage to his longtime male partner Stan Cadwallader or to curry favor with illegal immigrants in the hopes of gaining their votes in future elections.


Our Federal government, charged with defending our Constitution and personal liberties, has become a mockery.  We have traded leadership for pandering and posturing by our elected officials.  Perhaps, it is time for a new American Revolution – not to break free from foreign tyranny, but to liberate our nation from government run amok and restore our traditional American values and position in the world.


Our government has become a poor steward of the trust placed in it by American citizens.  It has squandered the tax dollars of hard-working Americans and added insult to injury with empty promises.


If government wants to redeem itself in the eyes of an increasing disdainful American public, it should follow the old adage “Let charity begin at home,” and forget about appeasing 12 million illegal immigrants and concentrate on the real problem facing our nation.  Only then will America finally be on a road to recovery and renewal.



Waiting for the Big One

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The Big One

Twice recently, we have heard of by Al Qaeda’s planned attacks upon our commuter aircraft.  These threats have meet with nothing but perfunctory rhetoric from our Department of Homeland Security.  The enemy seems to know more about our security operations than those allegedly in charge of them.  The media, whose sense of responsibility I have seriously questioned for at least a decade, reports that our security force possesses a list of suspected terrorists numbering as high as 500,000.  Five will get you ten that if the government spoon-fed this figure to the media, it is must be twice as high as that, if not more.


Meanwhile, thousands of illegal aliens have already crossed the Mexican-American border, and guess what?  They aren’t headed to Acapulco for a little R&R.  They are infiltrating the United States and placing additional burdens upon our already groaning economy.  Just this week we learned that easily accessible technology — cell phones — now enable the unlawful “visitors” to pinpoint sources of potable water across our border, thereby accelerating the mass exodus out of their country and into ours.


I don’t know about you, but these numbers sound like an armies to me. Why have we not profiled potential terrorists?  Why have we not deterred the marauding aliens more productively?  Who’s minding our store?  Apparently, no one!  If this is a barometer of the efficacy of our national security, we are in deep doggie-do!


There is absolutely no excuse for allowing terrorists to board any manner of conveyance, at home or abroad, for the sole purpose of murdering innocent people.  In possession of advanced technology and so many names, we can profile passengers with ease!  And if we instituted more stringent controls at the border, we could put the kibosh on illegals claiming jobs and benefiting financially from our social programs without having to pay into them.


The truth of the matter is we have a homeland security in name only.  The present administration is so involved in pushing its healthcare reform through to approval that it can’t see the forest for the trees.  It can’t prioritize the needs and rights of our citizenry.


What are the CIA, the FBI, and Homeland Security doing to secure our transportation system against terrorist attacks?  Must another tragedy like 9/11 befall us before they take action?   Some time ago, we lost thirteen good people at Ford Hood at the hands of an Islamic zealot whose twisted mindset was not only known but also documented in his formal military records.  Two gatecrashers appeared recently at a White House fete, slipping like butter past security and potentially jeopardizing the safety of our President and First Lady.  Mere days after Christmas, two of our airplanes were in serious threat of attack by suicide bombers.  All of this could have been avoided had the suspects in question been profiled.


Had the terrorists succeeded, the dirty bastards would be dancing in the streets in Yemen and toasting Osama Bin Ladin in the rat-holes of Afghanistan.


If these incidents don’t constitute a wake up call, I guess we will just have to wait for the Big One before government moves its lazy, red tape-lovin’ behind. 

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