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Halloween Tricks and Treats

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Hello everyone! I’m back, and I’m going to tell you about some last minute Halloween decorations and treats.


First off, the picture at the top of this article is of a fun decoration you make from a water jug using a black sharpie marker and some lights. I plan to make this fun creation, and I urge you to make one as well.


Another fun creation has to deal with food. So moms, get your frying pans and oven mitts out because this is a good one. The picture to the left is of these treats called Witch cupcakes. They are basically cupcakes with an ice cream cone on their heads, a gummy for a nose, M&M’s for eyes, and icing for hair and mouth.


In case you were wondering, for Halloween I am going to be a ghillie sniper.  If you don’t play video games like me, a ghillie sniper is one of those army guys that have those grass suits. They lay in the grass, camouflaged, hidden from all enemies.

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