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Dodge that Curveball: Insurance Against Calamity

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Death and taxes.  Back in the day, these were the only two things in life on which we could supposedly count.  But, to death and taxes, every American can now add the following ugly truths and potentialities:


1.         A sinking economy


2.         Dwindling “entitlements” into which we, the taxpayers, have paid (i.e., our Social Security system)


3.         Escalating crime


4.         Weather patterns changing at a dizzyingly alarming rate, spawning tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes in areas not historically affected by these events


If this laundry list reads like something out of The Book of Revelations, perhaps it is.  Perhaps the ancient Mayans were correct; perhaps the world as we know it is scheduled to end in December 2012.  But what if they were wrong?  How, if they were wrong, do we safeguard ourselves against theft, deteriorating finances, job loss, unforeseen lawsuits, or devastation to our homes at the hands of Mother Nature?


While there is no guarantee against any or all of these things, there are steps that we can take to protect what we cherish, including the physical well being and peace of mind of our loves ones.  The simplest way to do this is with a customized insurance coverage policy structured and written by a reputable carrier.  But choosing the right carrier from the multitude available can be daunting.  To the rescue comes Prime Insurance Company. 


Not an insurance firm, Prime Insurance Company is actually an advisor and an agent to those seeking home, auto, business, or Workers Compensation insurance.  As an agent licensed to sell the insurance policies of trustworthy providers, the company’s experienced professionals carefully determine your individual needs.  Then they research available providers, their products, and prices, compile and analyze that information, and deliver to you, the consumer or business owner, the best possible quote for optimum coverage.


If you cannot visit their location in Ocean Township, New Jersey for a face-to-face meeting, don’t despair.  Simply fill out their easy online forms for a home insurance quote, an auto insurance quote, or other insurance product(s) in which you are interested.


Please don’t delay.  The world is changing every day, and not for the better.  Protect your possessions, your hard-earned finances, and your loved ones.  Visit Prime America Insurance today.


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