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Address Your Spring Home-Sprucing Needs

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Although St. Patrick’s Day won’t arrive until this Saturday, spring has beaten it to the punch.  Here in the Northeast, temperatures have climbed into the 70s, daffodils are blooming, and even the crickets are singing their nightly chorus.   A traditional time for “out with the old and in with the new,” spring cleaning is not limited to the indoors.  If you’re ready to put a new face on your home’s exterior with a beautiful new address plaque, you’ll want to visit justaddressplaques.com.


In addition to the lowest guaranteed prices on the Internet, the company offers the widest and most attractive selection of personalized address plaques.  They are produced by manufacturers recognized the world over for their quality of craftsmanship; most notably, Whitehall.  The largest and most prominent manufacturer of residential address plaques, Whitehall is known for the originality of its design expertise and its choice of colors.  Whitehall address plaques are meticulously made by hand – yes, by hand! — from sturdy, recycled aluminum that will not rust.


With nearly 700 wall plaques alone to choose from, the selections include both horizontal and vertical designs featuring the American flag, oak leaf frames, ivy, fretwork (open scrolls), and other distinctive embellishments.  Lawn and hanging address plaques are also available, as are doorbells, sundials, outdoor clocks, and other distinctive accessories.   Some products are offered in as many as 18 color choices, not limited to antique copper, antique brass, black with gold lettering, dark blue with silver letters, sage with ivory lettering, and white with black letters.


If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for on the clean, easily-navigable website, simply contact one of the company’s knowledgeable customer service representatives.  They are as courteous as they are skilled in pricing large jobs and helping you design custom address plaques.  To brighten and beautify the home in which you take such pride, please visit the experts.  Please visit justaddressplaques.com.


Accentuate Your Address!

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No less than five times during the past thirteen months, I have had packages left at my door that were actually addressed to my neighbors.  Large and extremely heavy, with the address labels on the undersides, I dragged three of these into our foyer, assuming that we had ordered them.  The same well-known, nationwide carrier dumped each of the five erroneous deliveries on my doorstep.  The first time I attempted to have the company reroute the packages to the proper recipients, it took me six phone calls just to connect with someone in authority.  A supervisor, who’d spoken to the driver, told me emphatically that my address did not exist!  I quipped, “Since I’m standing at that address and paying the mortgage on it, it sure as heck does exist!” Four more times was this dim-witted, time-wasting scenario repeated.  Had I but known, these frustrations might have been easily avoided if I’d simply purchased an address plaque from http://www.justadressplaques.com.

Both decorative and functional, the address plaques offered by this quality-oriented company come in a wide array of styles and colors amenable to a broad range of tastes.  Home address plaques and wall address plaques display the addresses of residences and businesses, make locating the address a breeze, and lending a distinctive note to the property.  And, beautifully-crafted Whitehall address plaques have been gracing homes of distinction for more than 60 years.

In addition to the traditional home address plaques and wall address plaques, http://www.justadressplaques.com also offers address posts.  Placed at the entrance to one’s property, they proclaim the address with panache.  When beautifying your home or publicizing your business, your choice of address plaques and numbers says a lot about you.  It says that you take pride in your home; it projects a positive, professional image of your company.  Additionally, for a business, display of an address sign provides an invitation to prospective clients and visitors.  Address signs, like address plaques are available in an array of styles and finishes.

Ordering online is simple, and the prices are extremely competitive.   The customer service team at http://www.justadressplaques.com is friendly and knowledgeable.  They will work closely with you to select or design a layout that best suits your needs for address plaques and numbers.

September is just around the corner.  Falling leaves will herald Halloween.  Turkeys, cranberry sauce, and eggnog will follow the year’s spookiest night, as will lots of catalog shopping, with packages shipped to and fro.  I intend to thoroughly enjoy the holidays this year.  A beautiful address plaque from http://www.justadressplaques.com is the perfect way to welcome my guests and circumvent another round of incorrectly delivered packages! 

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