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The Mark of Cain

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“Ask not what your country can do for you,

but what you can do for your country.”

(President John F. Kennedy)

Although John F. Kennedy’s reign as our nation’s 35th President was all too brief, he left behind a legacy of courage in action.  This included his support of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., resulting in the passage of legislation that led to Constitutional equality for people of color.  These and other acts identified JFK as a President who truly cared about the citizens of this country.  After his assassination, eight Presidents succeeded him.   In none of them have we, the people, found a leader who has measured up to JFK’s strides toward a better future for every American citizen.

In the 48 years since JFK’s murder, promising and seemingly sincere Presidential candidates have come and gone.  Some were defeated in the November elections by those who took office in the White House; some were defeated by carefully calculated political assassinations before their names could ever appear on a Presidential ballot.  Herman Cain was one of those candidates in the latter category.

A product of the School of Hard Knocks and a successful businessman, Cain understood firsthand the plight of the American people.  He understood how we have suffered under a government that stole from the poor and gave to the rich, the powerful, the callous, and the undeserving.  In response to this situation, Cain crafted an original plan, 9-9-9, designed to restore fiscal and economic sanity to our nation waiting too long for a savior.

But, an old scandal — which Cain had resolved legally years ago — resurfaced via his political enemies, causing him to bow out of the Presidential race.  So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave, eh?  Had Jesus been in the same race, his detractors would no doubt have nailed him to a political cross rather than a wooden one.

Cain, however, refused to die.

Just when America thought he’d gone away quietly and for all time, Cain has returned to offer us a measure of hope.  Like a Phoenix, he is rising from his own ashes by bringing 9-9-9 before Congress.  He aspires to achieve the bi-partisan support needed to endorse his plan before the 2012 election occurs. And, he has called upon the electorate (we, the people) to issue an ultimatum to their representatives in Washington, DC: “Endorse 9-9-9 or lose our votes!”

If we, the people, rise to Cain’s challenge, we can effect positive change in this nation.  I speak of genuine change, not the type of change promised by previous administrations, including the incumbent President, who never delivered on their promises.  By following Cain’s lead, we can alter the tax code, increase revenue, and put America on the road to financial recovery.  The true beauty of this plan is that we can accomplish this regardless of who is elected President!

God willing and we do accomplish this, history will record the logic, vision, and perseverance of a man who put country first in times of crisis and left an indelible mark upon its political scene: Herman Cain.

If you are interested in making history, if you are interested in putting a stop to the royal screwing that we, the people, have been getting for far too long from our lawmakers, support Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.  Visit his website and vow to make you, your family, and JFK proud by doing something of true value for your country. 

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Farewell Citizen Cain

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In the beginning, God created light to take us out of darkness.  Between the dawn of time and 2011 A.D., man has done a helluva great job of blotting out the light, particularly here in the alleged Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  American citizens are besieged by economic blight, characterized by rampant unemployment, jobs outsourced overseas, and Social Security jeopardized.  Capping off these woes is a political system run by men paid off by Corporate America’s lobbyists, men far more concerned about lining their own pockets than providing concrete solutions to the constituents who voted them into office.

But yea, unto this darkness came a light at the end of the tunnel.  The name of this light was Herman Cain.

As a 2012 Presidential hopeful, Cain possessed more than a modicum of common sense.  A far cry from the wealthy braggadocios that America has elected for too many decades on the strength of their empty promises, Cain was a hard-working man who understood the plight of the average taxpayer.  As a Black American, he made no bones about his struggle to make it here.  His strong work ethic enabled him to attain the American dream, a dream he hoped to give American citizens via election to the highest office in the land.  A dream he hoped to implement through modification of tax codes, ensuring that taxes would then provide enough revenue to run the country efficiently.

But now, those dreams have been shattered.  Darkness once again engulfs us.  Cain has dropped out of the race on the heels of allegations of sexual misconduct with a consenting adult woman, misconduct that occurred and was settled legally years ago.   In his farewell speech, Cain declared that the negative press hurt his family, hurt him, and most of all, hurt the American people.

Cain had brains, balls, and a sound work ethic.  What he did not have was cutthroat political savvy born of covering one’s ass time and again with the American public.  Cain lacked the experience of his smarmy competitors: politicos who retain spin-doctors for hefty fees — fees, no doubt, footed unwittingly by taxpayers.  The spin-doctors lie between their teeth, bail the  politicians out of sticky situations, and allow them to emerge smelling like roses in the wake of allegations and scandals.

Any American-born citizen, such as Herman Cain, can run for the office of President of the United States … on paper, anyway.  The harsh reality is that anyone can run, but only the lying, wealthy bloodsuckers, a.k.a., the seasoned politicians, have a real shot in the race.

R.I.P., America’s dreams of transparency in government and economic recovery. 


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In the maelstrom of the Herman Cain debacle, the word “innuendo” was bandied about.  It was used to describe the chain of events that now plague this Republican 2012 Presidential nominee.

The meaning of “innuendo”, according to Miriam Webster, is: a veiled or equivocal reflection on character or reputation.  Its synonyms are listed as “hint” and “insinuation.”  As you can see, innuendo never relates to “fact,” whose meaning, as per the above-named source is, a thing done.

Armed with this knowledge, one can see why the accusations against Cain are referred to as “innuendo” or “insinuation,” because of their lack of factual information.  Once an accusation has been established as fact, it is not innuendo or any of its synonyms; it is a truth.   But, I’ll admit, that’s how it goes in an ideal world.  Ours is anything but ideal!

In Herman Cain’s case, he states that he has been falsely accused due to a misunderstanding of a situation that occurred many years ago.  His accuser, however, has remained anonymous for obviously unstated “personal reasons.”  What was once a settled agreement between Cain and his faceless accuser has blossomed into a witch-hunt.  It’s opened up a Pandora’s box to more aggressive innuendo, in search of monetary rewards from the campaigning Presidential hopeful.  At least, that’s what it appears to be on the surface.  Scratch a little deeper, however, and it may very well be a political conspiracy against the only candidate who actually seems to represent the people of the United States and not Big Government.

Cain’s unfortunate situation is a lawyer’s dream, a chance to make not hay, but money, while the sun shines.  Most out-of-court settlements, such as that of Cain and his accuser, are resolved because of the cost involved in bringing the matters to trial.  For all the lawyers know, they may lose their cases if push comes to shove and a trial ensues if one of the parties refuses to settle out of court.  In a case such as Cain’s, it comes down to “he said; she said.”  And again, we come full circle, right back to innuendo.

“He said; she said” cases are tests of power, much like one gladiator fighting another in the ancient Roman Coliseum.  Power equates to money.  The party with the most money to spend on a long, drawn out case usually emerges the victor.  The one without the power (money) usually emerges somewhat bloodied.  If the party is a political figure (i.e., Herman Cain), it will be more than bloodied: it is usually a death knell to the politician’s attempt at gaining public office.

Sometimes, statutes of limitations keep these types of cases out of court. Or, double jeopardy protects the defendant from being tried again for the same charges.  However, the law is not cut and dried; U.S. law was not designed to be cut and dried.  This is the reason behind so many precedents being established and integrated into our legal code. It’s also the reason for attorney Alan Dershowitz’ statement that, “although the law is legally right, it does not have to be morally right.”

The facts of the Herman Cain case are as follows.  If Cain had never attempted this run for the Republican Presidential nomination, he would not have achieved his current media notoriety.  Had he not become a frontrunner, the faceless “she said” never would have brought up the subject again!  The innuendo of Cain’s life would have gone unnoticed; the media never would have reported it.  And it would not have tainted his campaign.

In defining the word “innuendo,” I asked an old time friend of mine, Joe Bananas if he ever heard of this word.  Joe’s response was, “Yeah. I think we used to call it the Italian Preparation H.”  ’nuff said! 

The Cain Scrutiny

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Did Diogenes search in vain?  Just when the voting public thought it had found Diogenes’ honest man in the 2012 Presidential race (Herman Cain), it’s received a nasty surprise.  After ten years of silence, two women have come forward, alleging that Mr. Cain is guilty of the crime of sexual harassment.

The allegations emerged, interestingly, courtesy of Cain’s own political party.  Initially, the Republicans welcomed him aboard when he threw his hat in the ring.  Maybe they’d assumed that a political newcomer wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell among their ranks; maybe that’s why they tolerated him.  But the Republican handshakes, smiles, and general bonhomie quickly faded with the recent accusations.   With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Once, the purpose of political debates was to enlighten voters as to the politicians’ stands on issues that impacted our nation.  But, like many things in this country, political debates have devolved into shadows of their former selves.  The purpose of debates nowadays is for the candidates to yank skeletons out of closets and rattle the bones, tripping up opponents on their own words and actions.  The benefit is that the accusers, by comparison, are supposed to come out smelling like roses.

To maneuver successfully within this nest of vipers, a political hopeful must be educated as well as continually coached in the fine art of mudslinging and bald-faced lying.  If the mud comes back to roost upon the slinger, the guilty party always denies his guilt with the facile lie, “Oh, it was simply a misunderstanding.”  Herman Cain is obviously untrained in the art of lying to the general public.

Had he been properly coached, Cain would have countered the accusations with, “It was a simply a misunderstanding of words that escalated into charges of harassment. But, it was resolved with a financial settlement, with the understanding that the settlement was in no way an admission of guilt.” Isn’t hindsight a bitch?

What intrigues me is why no one seems to want to talk about who leaked the information about the alleged sexual harassment charges.  Was the discovery of this alleged crime unearthed in a routine investigation by the Republican Party?  Or was it something more nefarious?

If I were a suspicious man (ahem), I might think that certain people in power don’t want to see another Black man in the White House.  If I were ever more suspicious (cough, cough), I might think that certain people in power don’t want to see an honest man of any color in the White House, as he is sure to threaten the status quo of the liars, mudslingers, and robber barons in DC and Corporate America.

Those same mudslingers and liars are the ones who can afford to pay, and who do pay, for national ad campaigns.  These campaigns paint their opponents as horned demons bent on raising taxes and stealing from the public in order to gain the seats entitling them to the keys to the kingdom.   This is the reality of the world in which we live.  The concepts of transparency, honesty, and integrity have become nothing but misunderstandings for a voting public desperate for the truth.

Now Herman Cain is living through his Baptism of Fire.  Now he understands the dirty rules of the game of politics.  Now, the bloom is off the rose, as it was with Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and any other public figure who ever attempted to change the status quo through integrity, genuine talent, compassion, and logic.  Lesson learned: should you toss your hat into the political ring, or any other very public arena, the price you pay may be more than you’d ever expected … even in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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