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The Mark of Cain

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“Ask not what your country can do for you,

but what you can do for your country.”

(President John F. Kennedy)

Although John F. Kennedy’s reign as our nation’s 35th President was all too brief, he left behind a legacy of courage in action.  This included his support of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., resulting in the passage of legislation that led to Constitutional equality for people of color.  These and other acts identified JFK as a President who truly cared about the citizens of this country.  After his assassination, eight Presidents succeeded him.   In none of them have we, the people, found a leader who has measured up to JFK’s strides toward a better future for every American citizen.

In the 48 years since JFK’s murder, promising and seemingly sincere Presidential candidates have come and gone.  Some were defeated in the November elections by those who took office in the White House; some were defeated by carefully calculated political assassinations before their names could ever appear on a Presidential ballot.  Herman Cain was one of those candidates in the latter category.

A product of the School of Hard Knocks and a successful businessman, Cain understood firsthand the plight of the American people.  He understood how we have suffered under a government that stole from the poor and gave to the rich, the powerful, the callous, and the undeserving.  In response to this situation, Cain crafted an original plan, 9-9-9, designed to restore fiscal and economic sanity to our nation waiting too long for a savior.

But, an old scandal — which Cain had resolved legally years ago — resurfaced via his political enemies, causing him to bow out of the Presidential race.  So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave, eh?  Had Jesus been in the same race, his detractors would no doubt have nailed him to a political cross rather than a wooden one.

Cain, however, refused to die.

Just when America thought he’d gone away quietly and for all time, Cain has returned to offer us a measure of hope.  Like a Phoenix, he is rising from his own ashes by bringing 9-9-9 before Congress.  He aspires to achieve the bi-partisan support needed to endorse his plan before the 2012 election occurs. And, he has called upon the electorate (we, the people) to issue an ultimatum to their representatives in Washington, DC: “Endorse 9-9-9 or lose our votes!”

If we, the people, rise to Cain’s challenge, we can effect positive change in this nation.  I speak of genuine change, not the type of change promised by previous administrations, including the incumbent President, who never delivered on their promises.  By following Cain’s lead, we can alter the tax code, increase revenue, and put America on the road to financial recovery.  The true beauty of this plan is that we can accomplish this regardless of who is elected President!

God willing and we do accomplish this, history will record the logic, vision, and perseverance of a man who put country first in times of crisis and left an indelible mark upon its political scene: Herman Cain.

If you are interested in making history, if you are interested in putting a stop to the royal screwing that we, the people, have been getting for far too long from our lawmakers, support Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.  Visit his website and vow to make you, your family, and JFK proud by doing something of true value for your country. 

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