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The Star in the Window

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The story of the first Christmas has been told for more than two thousand years.  It is the story of how a special star in the East led three Wise Men to a humble stable in Bethlehem, where lay a newborn child.

Born unto Joseph and Mary in that stable, and lying in a manger, the Wise Men found and honored the infant king: Jesus the Christ, our Savior, the Light of the World.  When Jesus grew to be a man, he would be called to give up his life in order to cleanse the world of its sins.   

Many centuries after Christ was crucified and gloriously resurrected, another story of another star emerged in another land.  This is the story of The Star in the Window seen in cities, suburbs, and farmlands across America.

In Anytown, USA, Mary and Joe brought a son into the world.  The hard-working parents raised their boy to be self reliant, strong, and God-fearing.  With great pride, Mary and Joe watched their son grow into manhood, poised to fulfill the American dream.    

But the winds of war began to blow, and soon the son was called to fight in a foreign land to preserve the world from tyranny. With heavy hearts, the parents watched their child depart for foreign soil, murmuring fervent prayers of, “Lord, watch over our son in his hour of need.”  

It was then that Joe and Mary placed a star in a window of their home.  It was a small banner with a blue star on a white field with a red border: the colors of the American flag.  The star was a constant reminder that their son was serving his country. 

Soon, more stars appeared in the windows of friends and neighbors.  In time, the conflict overseas came to an end, and many families rejoiced with thoughts of homecomings.  But happy homecomings were not for every family.  Some placed gold stars in their windows to signify that their children had made the greatest sacrifice, giving their lives defending freedom.

Today, across the nation, gold stars still hang in windows as a remembrance of how it was and what it could have been had there not been a long, global conflict.  As each star is hung in its window, a heartfelt prayer, “Let there be peace on Earth, and goodwill toward men”, accompanies it. 

May God Bless our troops in the hope their blue stars won’t turn to gold.


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Gold Star License Plate

The symbol of the Gold Star to honor fallen heroes originated with World War I. As that conflict got under way, women donned Blue Stars on their sleeves to indicate that a loved one was serving in the United States military.  Escalated, the war claimed its casualties and women sought a way to honor those who would not be returning home.  They did so by sewing Gold Stars over the Blue predecessors.  After the Women’s Committee of National Defense brought this, in 1918, to the attention of President Woodrow Wilson, our nation formally adopted the symbol of the Gold Star to honor fallen soldiers.  This adoption served as the blueprint for similar organizations that wished to manifest respect for soldiers serving in future wars.


In June of 1928, twenty-five women wearing Gold Stars assembled in our nation’s capital to establish The American Gold Star Mothers.  A non-profit organization encompassing members of all faiths and political beliefs, its goal was to honor, assist, and preserve the spirit of America.  The organization incorporated six months later, leading chapters in other States to affiliate with them.  In years to follow, additional organizations formed, based upon the meaning behind the Gold Stars.  A few of these include The Gold Star Wives, The Gold Star Families, and The Gold Star Museums.


Today, 45 of the United States issue Gold Star license plates.  Although the Garden State produces 106 plates designated to special causes, the Gold Star does not number among them.   Passage of approval to manufacturer the plates has been stalled in our State’s legislature.  The outcome of this situation is still a mystery; however, it is congruent with an apparent trend in our country.  New Jersey’s delay in issuing license plates to honor our fallen wounded is but an indication of the direction in which our country is heading: straight to hell in a hand basket.  Political leaders who display little or no regard for our Constitution are testing the tenets upon which the United States was founded.  If New Jersey cannot solve the simple problem as to whether or not to press Gold Star license plates, may heaven help us, and soon! 

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