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All That Glitters

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By all indications, the volatility of the economy won’t be abating any time soon.  Like a tree buffeted by high winds, its strength will continue to be tested; it will dip beneath changes in pressure, such as escalating debt and the current unrest in the Middle East.  Investors in this environment are understandably wary.  However, there is one commodity that has, for more than 5,000 years, withstood fluctuations throughout various economic conditions.  That commodity is gold bullion.

Historically, gold has represented the strongest and most liquid of all investments; it is easily and quickly converted into cash.  Traded across the globe, bullion maintains its value and remains an extremely intelligent investment, particularly during times such as these.  As part of a diversified portfolio of bonds and cash, gold is an excellent hedge against potential losses.  An old adage states that money doesn’t buy peace of mind, and perhaps not.  But gold comes close.

As with any investment, there is a caveat.  You must buy bullion through a reputable source.  Appropriately based in the “Gold Rush” State of California, Aurum Advisors are among the trustworthiest of those sources.  In its decade-long history, the company has never experienced an incidence of non-compliance with governmental regulations.  Nor have its advertising practices ever been called into question.   Investors are therefore assured that the information contained in their website, and the information provided by their experienced advisors, is completely factual.

Gold coins spanning the American Buffalo, the Chinese Gold Panda, the Gold South African Krugerrand, and more are immediately available through Aurum Advisors.  Held to the highest levels of integrity, the company’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff is ready to assist you with your inquiries, purchases, and/or sales of gold.  To facilitate your decision to buy gold bullion, the firm provides a free Gold Guide with valuable information, including current and imminent market influences, and why Merrill Lynch is projecting gold to double in value over the next five years. 

The Golden Path to Solvency

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With financial indicators implying that it will be another four to five years before the economy sees significant improvement, investors seek a stable means of protecting and increasing their assets.  Gold delivers on those objectives.  Traded the world over for more than 6,000 years, gold remains the sole commodity proven to withstand financial crises.

As with any investment, purchasers and sellers demand skilled brokerage professionals.  They demand the utmost of integrity as well as a record of dedicated service to clients’ needs. With more than half a decade of experience trading precious metals in world wholesale markets, and the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau, Regal Assets ranks at the top echelon of brokers.  The firm offers the best prices for gold bullion, and assures that the sources of that gold are impeccable.

Gold coins and proof coins from the most reliable sources are also available; in accordance with U.S. law, they constitute a means of hedging against an uncertain future and securing peace of mind as retirement draws near.  Consistent with current legislation, the coins can be held in an IRA account, also known as a Gold IRA. 

Whether you purchase coins or bullion, Regal Assets prides itself on delivering consistently superior service.  The firm takes a proactive, highly responsive approach to service.  Supporting its comprehensive online presence, it offers clients immediate access to their professionals, via telephone, from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.  Shipments are fully insured and arrive within 7 days of purchase.  If you are a savvy investor wishing to Buy Gold, go directly to the most trusted source: Regal Assets. 



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