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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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In the ’80s, this lyric from a beloved Cyndi Lauper hit became the breakout battle cry of girls young at heart across the nation.  Now in the second decade of a new century, girls still wanna have fun — but with more contemporary pop stars.   Girls of elementary school age, “tweenies,” and high school students alike will want to check out Easygirlgames.com.  All they have to do is register at the site, whose name says it all, to play girl games.

If you sanction your daughter or granddaughter to follow pop icons Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Adam Lambert, or even Justin Bieber, she can do whatever her heart desires to these celebrities — within the bounds of good taste! They’ll create new hairstyles, wardrobes, and makeup for their idols, and much more.

The site features other games that cater to the feminine world of make-believe and growing up.  Although too numerous to list here, they include:

  • Selecting tattoos for online characters,
  • Viewing candid/posed photos of Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and other well-known celebs,
  • Joining the swelling ranks and secret worlds of vampires, werewolves, and their love interests,
  • Baking and cooking online, and
  • Redecorating their “girl caves” (bedrooms).

There are even kissing games spanning the gamut of puppy love to true love.  But wait, there’s more!  Kids can enter contests to win substantial money prizes (which you’ll appreciate yourself, if you’re trying to sock away their college tuitions in this economy).  Players can even give feedback concerning the games available at http://www.easygirlgames.com/.  So, let the games begin!

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