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Recouping Your Casino Winnings Taxes

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Lady Luck was on your side.   While on vacation in America, you hit the jackpot in a casino and won 4,500 in U.S. dollars.  However, U.S. tax legislation determined that you only took home $3,150.  If you are a resident of Canada, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, or other nations, you are legally eligible to receive a portion of your winnings back as casino tax refunds.   “How do I do this?” you may ask.  The answer is, “By engaging the trusted, experienced services of Casino Tax Rebate.”


Founded in 1979, Casino Tax Rebate has, for more than ten years, helped non-U.S. residents recover their gambling winnings taxes.  As an IRS-authorized Certified Accepting Agent, the company is empowered by the U.S. government to establish individual tax identification numbers on behalf of their clients and apply for casino tax rebates.  If they are unable to reclaim that part of the casino winnings taxed by the United States, clients are not charged for their services.

In 2006, the company responded to the increasing demand of its clients by offering their services online.  Because the company has been meticulously screened by and accepted as a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the integrity of their practices is assured.  Engage them with confidence.

Their fees are exceptionally competitive and are based upon the amount of that time their professionals devote to your case.  The normal turn-around time to receive your casino winning taxes back are 8 weeks if you already have an individual tax ID number, and 12 to 18 weeks if you do not.

Canadian residents are required by law to validate their winnings.  The U.S. government will accept diary entries, with information clearly stipulated in the website.  If you are in possession of substantiating documents, such as wagering tickets and “buy in” receipts to poker tournaments, Casino Tax Rebate will also submit these as proof. 


Please see the Home Page of the website for the complete listing of nations serviced by this reputable, customer-centric firm. 

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