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Fix Your Credit!

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As of this writing, the United States of America is poised at the precipice of financial ruin: our lawmakers cannot find a solution to our staggering National Debt.  “Had our government been keeping a closer eye upon the country’s finances, and the allocation of those finances, we would not find ourselves in this mess!”  These are the words on every American’s lips these days, and the thoughts in every American’s head.  But, how many of us are guilty of the doing the same thing with our own finances that the government has done with taxpayer money?


Circumstances such as the Stock Market crash of three years ago, government’s $710 billion bailout to big business and banking, and escalating unemployment have certainly contributed to positioning many of us right where we are today, in financial jeopardy.  Yet, there are still avenues out of the hole, if we only know where to find them.


Those resources are closer than you think.  In fact, they are a mere mouse click away on the Internet.


In addition to providing you with free credit scores on a monthly basis, creditsesame.com’s financial experts offer so much more.  Additional, no-cost service options include analysis of your existing loans and other debt against your credit profile, searches for more viable options that will enable you to maximize your finances and improve your credit score, and financial modeling.  Financial modeling enables you to view the impact of a better credit rating and/or a higher salary upon the health of your savings.


Via sites like Consumer Reports, you can access critical credit report tips.  By sharing these free tips, you can gain the knowledge you need to begin to elevate your credit rating that has such a significant bearing upon the quality of your life.


Don’t delay, as our nation’s lawmakers have done with the August 2nd deadline.  Get started today on a better credit score and greater savings by visiting and capitalizing upon the advice and support of creditsesame.com. 


A Life Interrupted: The Impact of a Low Credit Score

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For reasons of privacy, we must preserve the confidentiality of the individual whose true story is about to unfold here.  But even if we did reveal the name that appears on this man’s birth certificate, his story could be anyone’s … even yours.

An IT (Information Technology) professional, Jack had been downsized three times.  His terminations had nothing to do with his performance, which his formal evaluations all deemed excellent.  As the IT industry had outsourced many jobs to India, where employees work for less pay than did their American counterparts, Jack’s employers took full advantage of the cost-saving opportunities.  Jack, however, had a mortgage as well as other bills, including a few credit cards.  His wife, Kim, did not earn the type of salary that would enable her to assume all of their bills and still allow them to live in relative comfort.

Jack and Kim were forced to refinance their mortgage three times — each occasion coinciding with one of Jack’s terminations.  While the refinancing put some ready cash into their pockets, it also left them with a whopping mortgage, which was a constant struggle to pay.   Jack and Kim’s financial lives had become a catch-22, a constantly spinning hamster-wheel that led nowhere.

Fortune finally smiled upon Jack in the form of a permanent position.  Although the pay was decent, it still wasn’t enough to allow him and his wife to sleep soundly at night.  Collectors harassed them constantly with telephone calls, letters, attorneys, and even representatives sent directly to their house.  The couple fought constantly; she sank into a clinical depression.  Their lives nothing more than a bitter existence, Jack sought to make positive changes.

He re-established his credit slowly but surely, opening new credit card accounts with allowances (“open credit”) of several hundred dollars each.  Simultaneously, he made arrangements with his previous creditors to pay down his debt over a number of years, by making small, monthly payments.   As Jack was achieving these small, cumulative victories, he’d planned to apply for higher paying positions.  He knew, however, that prospective employers conduct rigorous background investigations of potential employees — including investigations of their credit histories.

Part of Jack’s proactive plan, therefore, was to monitor his own credit history.  He wished to watch his credit scores elevate as a means of motivation, and he also wanted to ensure that it was accurate (that no creditor reported false or outdated information about his financial background).  Jack turned to the Internet, where he found a site that provided him with free credit score reports from the three key agencies (Transunion, Equifax, and Experion) as well as his overall credit score, what constituted a good credit score, and clarification of the various factors that weigh in the determination of one’s credit score, and how heavily they weigh.

The site also provided a simulated process whereby Jack could test and understand the safety of the waters in which he was about to wade, the waters being, for instance, certain actions he was contemplating taking, such as opening a new credit card account.  And, the site delivered sound advice concerning the management of one’s finances and strategies for improving one’s credit scores.

As we’d mentioned at the beginning of this article, this could be your story … couldn’t it?  If it is, you know that a good credit score equals peace of mind.  Refer to a site that will provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to establish the basis for that peace of mind. 

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