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It gets really hot in Texas ya’ll

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The Author of this post is Velma Baird


I grew up in Texas and pretty much have lived there my whole life with the exception of college. When I was growing up I just assumed that every other state and every other country, for that matter, were just as unbelievably hot as Texas is in the summer. Of course we went on vacations to other states but they were always to beaches or some other hot destination. I felt like I could never get a way from the heat. Now that I am an adult I can keep my air conditioning set on whatever I want to at my house. The only problem with that is the fact that it can cost so much to cool a house in the middle of the day in the summer in Texas. Recently I found Donna Just Energy electric company and I found out that I can shop my rates. This is awesome because I like to keep my house at 65 degrees all summer long and that can cost an absolute fortune when it is getting to be 110 degrees outside in July.


Deciding to Move In with Friend

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Guest post written by Joseph Finch

My friend wants me to move with her to Texas. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but I am actually considering it. I don’t have anything keeping me where I am and I might need a little adventure. I started doing my research this week. I wanted to make sure I could afford it and would be able to find a job. All the apartments I found online were well within my budget. After looking at shopelectricityratestexas.com, I decided I would be able to pay utilities too. The local paper had several job openings and I could always waitress. So far my research has proved I can do it. I just have to tell my friend. I know she will be excited and count down the days until I move. In fact, I think she will be so excited that I want to tell her in a special way. I am thinking of sending her a box of my clothes and seeing how long it takes her to figure out what it means. I am open to any other ideas of telling her. I think it will be fun and start the move off on a good foot.

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