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Aspiring Enrolled Agents, Please Take Note

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At every level of government, finances are tightening.  Once steadfast in the knowledge that their jobs were safe during economic recessions, governmental employees have been stripped of their sense of security.  Budget slashing for States and municipalities begins at the Federal level.  Departments, programs, and services once deemed untouchable have been reduced, and the workforce that administers and operates those entities is diminishing.


While there are no guarantees in an unforgiving economy, there are safeguards that can be applied as hedges against unemployment.  Professional development is one such hedge.  Nothing says “value” to a current or future employer like continuing education and resultant certification or designation.  Such credentials speak of the employee’s respect for and dedication to his craft.  To the employer, they say, “This proactive team member has acquired training that will help us advance the organization’s goals.”


For accountants, particularly those employed by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), professional designation as an EA (Enrolled Agent) indicates significant competencies.  This credential empowers accountants to represent clients during IRS audits and minimize risk, both to clients and the agency, associated with inaccurate preparation of tax forms.  Keenly aware of enrolled agent continuing education requirements and respectful of potential EAs’ needs to pursue the designation at their own pace, Fastforwardacademy.com has crafted relevant online course content and tools, not limited to Webinars, that facilitate attainment of EA designation.  Every course has been verified by the IRS.  And, every course ensures that students will be educated with respect to the most current tax legislation.


Created by accounting and auditing professionals, the curriculum includes a two-hour ea ethics course: a module that enhances one’s worth to an employer concerned with the integrity of his workforce.  Clients can configure the curriculum to meet their individual needs, by choosing one, more, or all of the easily comprehensible courses.  For the aspiring EA, Fastforwardacademy.com provides the tools necessary for career advancement and improved job security.


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