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Help Veterans in Need: Donate a Vehicle

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Car donations can help Veterans!

In conflicts throughout our great nation’s history, heroes have arisen to defend and protect the citizens and interests of our country – men of courage and character who have acted selflessly for the benefit of all Americans.  Some have made the supreme sacrifice of their lives in our country’s defense.  Many more silently bear the scars of their service in defense of our way of life.

Of those silently bearing the scars of war, many Veterans suffer disabilities, illnesses, and even homelessness as a direct result of their service to our country.  For those of us enjoying the uniquely American way of life provided by these brave men and women, it is incumbent that we do what we can to help our Vets in need.

One excellent and very easy way to assist our Veterans is by vehicle donations.  For over 25 years, the Vietnam Veterans of America has supported our dedicated Veterans and their families.  Your van, truck, or car donations to this worthy organization will assure that Veterans continue to receive the assistance they so desperately require.

The process is simple and painless.  Visit the Vietnam Veterans of America, Illinois State Council car donation Website (http://vietnamveteranscardonation.com/).  There you will discover how that old car, truck, or van that has been sitting idly on your driveway can make a difference in the life of a Veteran or his family.  Of course, donation of newer vehicles is also greatly appreciated.  Just follow the three easy steps of filling out a simple form, scheduling your free vehicle pickup, and receiving your IRS tax deductible donation receipt.

So, donate car today and help a Vet in need tomorrow. 

Cars for Vets

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If you had the opportunity to help rectify a national disgrace, at no cost to you and with very little effort, wouldn’t you take that opportunity?  A charity with its heart firmly in the right place, Cars Helping Veterans allows you to do just that through car donations that will greatly benefit our veterans of war. 

It’s an uncomfortable fact that, among the issues confronting many of our de-commissioned soldiers is homelessness.  Statistics indicate that more than 200,000 veterans now sleep rough or in shelters.  Your vehicle donations, which are completely tax deductible, will help to eliminate this critical want; there is no better time to donate a car than this Memorial Day weekend.  If you prefer to donate a boat, SUV, or other vehicle, the charity will welcome your gift with open arms and use it to buy the basic necessities for those decorated with the Purple Heart.  Cars Helping Veterans also assists disabled American veterans and others who have served our nation bravely.

The charity wants to make the donation process as simple as possible, and has done so by creating a secure and extremely user-friendly website (http://www.carshelpingveterans.org/).  At the bottom of the Home Page, you will find three clear and easy steps to follow:

1.       Complete a donation form. If you prefer to speak directly with a representative about your donation rather than do this online, you may contact one toll free, at 1-888-480-VETS (8387).

2.       Schedule a pick-up, free of charge to you, at a time that is convenient.  The charity will accept your vehicle 24 hours a day, and picks up nationwide.  The towing company will provide you with a receipt indicating that your vehicle was given to Cars Helping Veterans.

3.       When the charity has received your car or other vehicle, its keys, and title, it will mail you a tax-deductible receipt in about 10 business days.  Save that receipt, for the IRS will accept it when you prepare your next tax form.

The process could not be easier, nor the charity more worthy.

Don’t let this Memorial Day, or any other day for that matter, pass without honoring our deserving veterans in a concrete manner.  Show them that you care by donating your vehicle through Cars Helping Veterans.

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