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Direct TV Wins Again! And So Do You!

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Consumers, the race is on!  Don’t bother lacing up your running shoes, donning sports apparel, or even placing a bet on a “sure horse.”  For this race, all you need to do is to be the spectator.  For this, you’ll feel as if you’ve earned First Place in a marathon or your filly came in 18 to 1.  I’m talking about the race run by TV services hoping to capture your business in the most competitive economy we’ve ever seen.


Direct tv is not just one of those vendors – it’s the savviest.  Here’s why.  Sign up today for their quality programming – more than 140 TV channels – and get less, and much more, than you’d dreamed possible.  The “less” is the amazing price: as low as $29.99 per month, depending upon the package that you prefer, and for your agreement to purchase the service for two full years.  In terms of cost savings, with this phenomenal offer, you could be putting more than $400 back into your pocket in the first year alone!


The “much more” that you’ll receive with this fabulous deal includes three free months of the most sought-after premier channels (Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, and Starz), as well as HD (High Definition TV).  dx3 direct tv also delivers Direct TV on Demand, equating to thousands and thousands of movies that you can view on no one’s schedule but your own.  To sweeten the deal, Direct TV is also offering four free upgrades over the life of your two-year contract.  This means that you can request and receive an HD DVR and three HD receivers, allowing you watch what you want, when you want, from different rooms of your home or office.


It’s hard to pass up quality programming, unprecedented savings, and free upgrades.  So don’t!  Be a winner today.  Contact Direct TV (www.dx3.net)!


Going to a Professional Football Game

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Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper

I love going to professional football games during football season. It is by far my favorite ( and probably most expensive) hobby. I am a huge sports fan, and from season to season I never stick to having one favorite team. I follow all the top players and pick my sides accordingly. When I go to the games I get super into it, I love the buzz in the air and I can’t help but feed off of the energy. I often find myself turning into one of those stereotypical sports fan, screaming and jumping around like a lunatic, but, hey, at least I enjoy every second of it. I guess you could call my inner super fan, my alter ego. I spend all week being so professional, and keeping on my best behavior, I guess when I am at a professional football game I throw all of that out the window and release all of that pent up energy I have been holding in all week. Football games are a huge stress reliever in my life, that is for sure. Fortunately for my wife and my bank account we have satellite TV www.directstartv.com/directv_programming/directv_nfl-sunday-ticket.html so I don’t feel the need to find my way to every game. Although at times I’m sure my wife wishes I would so the sports fan would leave her living room.

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