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The Magnificent Seven?

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Can anyone name seven “magnificent” legislators here?


I guess most of you have heard of The Magnificent Seven — you know, the good guys that save a Mexican village from bandits and then ride off into the sunset as heroes.

Now, at the taxpayers’ expense, Washington has decided that we need the Magnificent Twelve to pass legislation in gridlock.  This move effectively usurped the power of our representatives, who were elected to do the job of running the government.  In our rapidly changing world, no one asked the people of the United States of America if this was their choice.  Are our duly elected representatives in the Congress resigning their duties?

If so, they should inform the proper authorities and go home!  If this action is taken, all monies paid out in salaries should be returned and all fringe benefits terminated.  The cost benefits from this alone would probably save Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from extinction.

Minus our normal legislative bodies, The Magnificent Twelve would then dictate the correct measures to resolve our nation’s financial problems.  With this kind of power, there would be no need for a President, Vice President, Secretary of the Treasury, and all the bureaus generated by them.  Just twelve  selected bipartisan individuals would reduce the government payroll by trillions.  The cry heard from the disenfranchised representatives would then be, “Is this Constitutional?”  The taxpayers’ response would be a verbal reiteration of what Washington has been telling us for years: “Just suck it up! “

In the world of government, the emergence of The Magnificent Twelve is known as “passing the buck.”  I wonder who or what was the author of this latest buck passing. Was it the President?  Was it the political parties?  Or was it both, working in tandem to manufacture another entity of government in order to avoid doing the job they were elected to do?

Where are our guardians of freedom to come forward and denounce such an action?  Where are the sworn protectors of the Constitution?  The silence is deafening.  All the representatives are busy preparing for the next election and could care less about doing the job for which they were hired.

It’s time for the people to inform their representatives in Washington to shape up or ship out.  As President Harry S. Truman stated, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”   If President “the buck stops here” Truman were alive today, I’m sure his would be the voice ringing out in protest over this latest travesty in our government.

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