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Struggling with Credit Card Debt? Visualize A New Horizon

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Has it come to the point where you are screening every one of your incoming calls?  Do you dread opening the mail, afraid of what you may find there?  Do you toss and turn at night, troubled by thoughts of your outstanding bills?

If so, you are among a large and growing base of consumers overwhelmed with credit card debt.   The adage, “Misery loves company” does not apply under these circumstances.   You take no comfort in the fact that you are one of many: you wish to pay your creditors; you want them off your back.   And yet, you assume that the balances you owe are far beyond your means to pay them.

This is a fallacy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For thirty-three years, consumers like you have been finding that light through A New Horizon.

As a full-service credit counseling organization, the company achieved non-profit status fifteen years ago.  It is also distinguished by ISO-9001 accreditation, a status earned only by those firms operating under the most stringent standards of quality and integrity.  A New Horizon’s dedicated and fully certified credit counselors are well experienced in configuring and negotiating debt consolidation plans.  Through such a plan, you will make a single monthly payment, within your means, to pay down your debt — even if that debt was incurred across several credit cards.   In addition, late fees and over-the-limit fees will be abolished, and you will be positioned to restore your good credit.

In addition to debt consolidation services, A New Horizon offers financial education, enabling you to go forward proactively.  They will help you create and manage a budget as well as devise strategies to accumulate savings.  Take that step toward peace of mind and financial freedom for you and your loved ones.  Reach out today to A New Horizon at http://www.anewhorizon.org.

Consolidate Your Debt

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In today’s economic climate, many people find themselves in dire financial straits.  Unable to make ends meet, they use credit cards when emergencies crop up and even, sometimes, to pay for necessities like food and utility bills.

The combination of available credit and needs that would otherwise go unfulfilled makes credit card usage seductive to many cardholders.  Compounded by the inability of these cardholders to make more than minimum payments monthly, balances soar to the point where monthly interest charges are so oppressive that, without some type of intervention, it is unlikely that these debts can be comfortably repaid.  What these cardholders need is a negotiated debt repayment program or some other means to reduce interest and consolidate their debts into one affordable payment monthly.

If you find yourself in this position, the first step is to discover your options. An excellent way to do that is to visit Consolidating My Credit Cards.  There you will find valuable information, as well as a means to connect with Credit Specialists who can assist you.  A simple phone call or submitted form can put you on the road to freedom from debt and a secure financial future. 

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