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Leadership: A Commodity Sorely Lacking in America Today

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How many times have we heard the words, “fiscal responsibility” uttered by our leaders in government when the need arises?  And how many times, when the need has arisen, did they act irresponsibly and continue to spend money they did not have?

This current Administration, which promised change, has failed miserably in delivering upon that promise.  The former Administration was no better; it created the debt as the year 2008 neared its end.  Angered by this, the people did not re-elect that political party to the White House. We’d wanted government to change direction and lift us out of an economic disaster.

The recession of 2008 produced a financial crisis the like of which this country has not seen since the 1930s. As a result, thousands became unemployed overnight.  This situation caused a severe drop in revenues needed to run State and Federal governments.

The new Administration that swept into power required leadership to resolve the crisis, but a resolution was not to be.  Instead of calling in leaders from the private sector to discuss methods of jumpstarting our failing economy, the Administration used its power to pass legislation that would not address the problems at hand.  Chief among these were jobs for the working class.

Three years later, we have a government in disarray.  The two-party system is at odds with itself, more concerned about laying blame than curing what ails the country.  Our political system has failed the test of time.  When party politics override the duty to run the government efficiently, a change in the attitudes of our elected leaders is necessary.  The old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall,” has come back to haunt America.

Words like honor, duty, and country are lost in the rhetoric of politicians seeking power.  America needs a united front to correct its problems, with country first and everything else trailing behind.  Jobs are the life’s blood of any nation.  Without jobs, we can anticipate more citizens depending upon the government to survive.

In war and peace, the American worker has been the best investment in any business in the world.  When it comes to country, he is ready to stop what he is doing and protect the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Our volunteer military is a perfect example of “country first,” the willingness to take the risks to keep our way of life secure.

It’s time to rally around the flag and step up to the challenge of restoring this great land to a unified country.  Rich or poor, we owe America, no matter the cost.

The answer is jobs and we need them badly.  To Corporate America and private business, it’s time to stop waiting for the government to act.  Put your money on the best investment you have ever made: the American workers, whose taxpayer money bailed you out in 2008.

Whether it comes from government or the private sector, America needs leadership.  Leadership is non-negotiable. The Good Book asks, “What good is it to gain wealth and lose one’s soul?”

In future elections, we must separate leaders from followers.  It’s easy to blame but difficult to lead.  When you choose a candidate, ask yourself if the candidate puts country first and party line last, and by their fruits you will know them.  Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall.” 

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