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Bobi Mailboxes: Stylish, Practical, Secure

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Despite the prevalence and anonymity of e-mail, traditional mail is not only alive and well, it is vital.  Checks, invoices, wedding invitations, birth announcements, correspondence, all manner of packages, and more are still delivered by postal workers and courier services.  To keep your important mail and packages clean and dry as well as secure, you’ll want a mailbox that is solidly crafted by a reputable manufacturer.

Since 1991, the Finnish based firm Bobicompany has designed and produced just what you need. Because of the company’s craftsmanship and its dedication to delivering World Class service, bobi mailboxes now grace the homes and businesses of satisfied customers worldwide. A visit to their website, where you can view their entire product line, will show you why.

The designs of these contemporary mailboxes are clean and functional; the wall-mounting units are designed to accommodate space that is at a premium, while the curbside mailboxes house a higher volume of mail.  Crafted of stainless and other durable types of steel, a bobi mailbox is a sturdy, protective container for your critical incoming mail, and dependent upon your arrangement with your postal carrier, your outgoing mail as well.

Watertight seals guarantee that your mail remains dry in inclement weather, and cylinder locks assure that only you and another key-holder of your choosing has access to your mail.   The curbside mailboxes, made to USPS standards, feature a polyester coating that stand up to the elements.  Visit the site today to own a reliable and secure mailbox, at great discounted prices! 

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