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Protection Against the Worst

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Wise homeowners and business owners alike are concerned with protecting their properties against every conceivable risk. These concerns are exceptionally pressing in a lackluster economy, when the cost of repairing or replacing one’s property out of pocket is not feasible.  Savvy owners of residential and commercial properties, therefore, not only insure their assets properly but also insure them through reputable carriers at the lowest possible premiums.  Savvy owners place their trust, and their business, in Prime Insurance Agency — and for good reason.

Prime Insurance Agency is not an insurance carrier; it is an independent insurance advisor.  As such, the agency represents leading carriers of the highest integrity. These relationships enable Prime to deliver customized plans that indemnify their clients against potential losses, at notable cost savings.

Homeowners Insurance is available to mortgage holders of occupied and unoccupied properties, including condominiums and apartments, as well as to tenants.  Tailored to a client’s specific needs, the plans can encompass actual residences as well as contents of the home (i.e., furniture, appliances, equipment, jewelry, apparel).  Should the client so elect, additional types of coverage include payment for the costs of living elsewhere if the property is destroyed or unfit to inhabit, as can be the case with floods and hurricanes.

Commercial Insurance safeguards a wide range of businesses, not limited to manufacturing and warehousing facilities, retail establishments, and auto dealerships.  This type of coverage can also be underwritten for vacant buildings.

If you wish to protect what you have worked hard to achieve and maintain, please contact Prime Insurance Agency today.  Assistance is available online, or through their staff of live, knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives. 


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