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Have you ever found yourself reaching for clothing in the same color family morning after morning?   Do you long to redecorate your house or apartment in a specific color or color scheme?  Did you have a favorite color as a child and another as an adult?  Are there certain colors that you absolutely love, and others for which you really don’t care?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your color preferences run deeper than you think.  More than predilections, your choices reflect the state of your mind, where you are emotionally and often, physically, in any point in time.  Color choices also indicate where you are headed.  So postulates the ancient Eastern system of chakras (“chock-rahs”) — a system startling in its accuracy.

Very simply put, chakras are energy centers in the human body that correspond to the various colors of the spectrum as well as organs or biological systems and musical notes.  Starting at the crown of the head and within the “subtle body” are the following chakras:

1.       Crown Chakra - White

2.       Third Eye Chakra - Purple

3.       Throat Chakra - Blue

4.       Solar Plexis/Heart Chakra - Green

5.       Digestive/Emotional Chakra - Yellow

6.       Creative/Reproductive Chakra - Orange

7.       Base of Spine Chakra - Red

The crown chakra is the highest; it is how we perceive our Creator.  The base chakra is the lowest; the one that relates to our physical journey through this world, with emphasis in creating or acquiring the resources we need to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves and our loved ones.  If you lean heavily toward the color red, therefore, you are extremely industrious.  A highly responsible employee, you are concerned primarily with the material world; you are a “go getter” and may very well have your sights on a well-paying promotion or even establishing your own business.   Should you experience problems with your lower back (i.e., sciatica), you are probably worried about your employment status and your ability to satisfy your creditors.  “Reds” may hold more than one job, and may have begun working earlier in their lives than their peers.

If, however, you gravitate toward white, you are striving to strengthen your relationship with God.  You tend more toward spiritual rather than earthly matters.  If you suffer from headaches, you may be struggling to integrate more spirituality into your life.

The purple chakra represents the third eye, corresponding to the pineal gland.  This gland is thought to govern abilities such as clairvoyance or ESP.  Those attracted to the color purple are on a strong spiritual path.  They are seekers after the Truth with a capital “T” and fascinated by things metaphysical.  Often, they are engaged actively in meditation and interrelated exercises designed to open their third eye (the center of clairvoyance).  Thus, lovers of purple seek a means by which they can more fully understand their path through this life and how they may best contribute to humanity while they are on this Earth.

Blue symbolizes the throat chakra.  Those who adore the myriad shades of blue are either terrific communicators (i.e., writers, public speakers, reporters) or have a great deal of trouble communicating.  Do you know someone who is struck again and again by ailments of the throat or who continually clears his or her throat when there is no real obstruction?   Chances are, he or she cannot seem to find the right words to communicate with people in a manner that is not hurtful or self-centered.  They throat chakras are blocked.

Green symbolizes the heart chakra.  People who are inclined toward the color green are concerned with matters of love, including but not necessarily exclusively, sexual love.  It may be the love of a child, a parent, or another person significant in one’s life.  Often, it is a matter of unrequited love, of “heart ache.”  Green is also the color of healing.  Interestingly, numerous psychological studies have proven that gazing at the color green for approximately twenty minutes decreases one’s blood pressure and accompanying stress.  Love, when returned, has the same effect!

Yellow relates to emotions.  Problems with emotions, such as retention of too much negative emotion without the ability to express those feelings, often manifests as issues with one’s digestive system.  A color that, oddly enough, does not actually appear in nature, yellow represents change. Human eyes have receptors for the colors red, blue, and green, but none for yellow.  For us to see yellow, our brain undergoes a chemical change and sends a corresponding signal to our eyes; thus, do we see this lovely color.

“Yellow people” may or may not have sunny dispositions, but they are almost always courageous.  Those who love this color embrace change; those who dislike the color fear change.  If your favorite color has suddenly become yellow, you are in a state of flux and happy to be there, as new and better opportunities are unfolding in your life … or, you have just gone through a period of happy changes.

The orange chakra, linked with our reproductive systems, denotes creativity in artistry and procreation.  It’s a strong color, blending red (the provision of one’s family’s basic necessities) with yellow (change).  Those hoping to become pregnant by overcoming medical conditions such as endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes, as well as those manifesting artistic talents, gravitate toward this color.

What if your favorite color is black?  Well, black is the absence of light.  Those who truly favor black seek to protect themselves from external, potentially harmful influences.  They have been hurt in the past and have no desire to be hurt again.

Is pink in the chakra system?  Yes and no.  Some people believe that this color is “ascending” (entering the chakra system).  Those convinced that is state that the color pink is associated with self-love and angelic love (i.e., the love and protection of one’s guardian angel).

And what about colors that marry two hues; for instance, turquoise and lime green?  Turquoise is a union of green and blue.  Therefore, lovers of turquoise either seek or have found healing through communication, or are attempting to communicate in a manner that promotes healing.   Lime green blends yellow with green, signifying a healing of the emotions, or a change in one’s emotional landscape leading to a place of healing.

Our chakras, or spinning energy wheels as they are generally depicted, can be misaligned.  When that occurs, we suffer physical and psychological ailments.  There are methods of aligning one’s chakras to promote peace of mind and therapy of the body, that have absolutely nothing to do with medical intervention … but that’s for another article!



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