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Spring Carpet Cleaning

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As buds begin to appear on trees shrubs and bulbs poke their heads up through the ground, grass begins to nap lawns and hills and forest floors.  Before summer arrives, Mother Nature has carpeted the Earth with lush greenery; when it dies, she’ll renew it all again, come the following spring.   Carpeting in homes and offices, however, doesn’t happen as a matter of course; professional cleaning is required.

Although it can be easy to overlook, such maintenance is vital.  When performed by a professional, well-experienced service, carpeting cleaning can significantly minimize allergens, extend the life of your investment, and present a neat and orderly “face” to new and existing customers.

The Steam Team, based in Austin, Texas, is a professional carpet cleaning service whose mission is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  Unlike many of their competitors, The Steam Team takes the care and initiative to spot-test your carpet for safety, and it goes the extra mile in applying a carpet protector to extend the life of your residential or commercial rugs.  The service also spot cleans your carpets and neutralizes odors, such as those often left behind by beloved pets.   They also steam clean natural stone and ceramic tile flooring.  And, if your marble floors require polishing, the Steam Team takes care of that as well.

All work if guaranteed, and the company operates in an environmentally conscious manner; it always has.   It uses only high-pressure steam to get the job done, not harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment and exacerbate allergies.

Headquartered in Austin, their highly satisfied customer base spans many different areas.  Although they service Carpet Cleaning Bee Caves, Carpet Cleaning Leander, Carpet Cleaning Taylor, Carpet Cleaning Dripping Springs, and Carpet Cleaning San Leanne, they are not limited to these towns.  A review of their website will indicate the various other areas that they service.

So, as you go about your spring-cleaning, don’t forget one of the most important areas of your home or office: your carpeting.  And don’t forget to call The Steam Team for the best and safest professional carpet cleaning services. 

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